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The Six Fix: 'Toy Story' Theories That We Can't Get Out Of Our Heads

The Six Fix: 'Toy Story' Theories That We Can't Get Out Of Our Heads



With the latest two teaser trailers Pixar released this week, we're absolutely sure that 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Toy Story fans out there! In the third installation of the film series, Andy is a grown-up boy who's off to college and has given away his toys to a young girl named Bonnie. The scene absolutely made everyone teared up as we saw Andy and Woody parting ways.

That's why everyone's thrilled with the first trailer of Toy Story 4 where we saw a glimpse of the OG characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jesse. We're also introduced with a new character named Forky who apparently insists that he doesn't belong in the squad because he's not a toy. Well, technically, he's not since he's a fork with a bendable straw as arms and googly eyes. But we're now in a modernized civilization where anything can be a toy! Although we're so ecstatic with the news, we still have to hold it out until next year. But to feed our excitement, here are some of the most incredible Toy Story theories we're still obsessing over up to this day!  

1. Andy’s mother is Jessie’s previous owner.

This is probably the most popular one out of all the Toy Story theories because it actually makes sense! The film never shared enough background info about Jessie's previous owner that even her name is a mystery. What we do know is that she's a girl with brown hair and has a cowgirl hat like Jessie. It's a fact that Andy's favorite toy is Woody, but have you ever noticed that instead of a Woody cowboy hat, Andy owns a Jessie cowgirl hat?

From the context clues, fans have come up with the idea that Andy's hat was actually given to him by his mother Emily which concludes that his mother is also a fan of the 50s television show Woody's Roundup and might have possibly owned Jessie. Well, this just gave us goosebumps!

2. Woody was passed down to Andy by his late father.

This theory is connected with number one because if it's true, then it would makes sense that she fell in love with Andy's dad because they're both fans of Woody's Roundup. We all know that Woody is a very rare and expensive doll from the '50s, that's why he was stolen in Toy Story 2. Now, aren't you curious as to how it is possible that a six-year-old boy owned this kind of toy? 

Well, fans concluded that Woody wasn't originally Andy's toy. If you remember during the family's yard sale, Andy's mom told Al, owner of Al's Toy Barn, that Woody's not for sale because it was a family possession. It might also be possible that the reason their family moved out in the first movie was because it was owned by his father's parents which is why it had pictures of a boy that didn't look like Andy. Woody is the only thing Andy has from his father, and he helped him get through his death.

3. Sid lives in an abusive home.

We can all agree that Sid is a bad kid who has a fascination with breaking toys, but we can't also put the blame on him since he's just a little boy. That's why fans believe that Sid's personality was built because he came from an abusive home with an alcoholic father. They came up this theory because there's a scene where Sid's father is passed out on a recliner surrounded by empty beer cans.

Plus, he had a rocket mailed to him at his house. And during the 90s, kids are not yet knowledgeable when it comes to ordering online which means his parents might have possibly helped him order it. Well, it's obvious that it's a dangerous toy, so why would his parents allow this? This won't happen unless they don't really care about him at all. 

4. In Toy Story 3, Sid became a garbage man to save toys.

We know that Sid grew up, possibly traumatized, knowing that toys can move and talk since Woody and his gang took revenge on him when he almost killed his toy friends especially his best friend Buzz Lightyear. Woody did this to save the toys even though it would reveal the fact that they're alive. 

Now, if you've watched Toy Story 3, you might have noticed that there's a scene where a cheerful garbage man wearing a very similar skull shirt that Sid wore in the first movie finds Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear in a pile of trash and says that he once owned a toy like it. He then straps Lots-o to the front of his truck along with the few other toys he's probably collecting. In this scene, fans have speculated that Sid grew up to be a garbage man to save broken toys and give them a home. If this is true, we're so proud of what Sid has become!

5. Buzz Lightyear was trained to be a toy.

One of the things that people have criticized as a big plot hole in Toy Story was Buzz Lightyear acting like a toy every time Andy enters the room, even though he doesn't know he's a toy. Well, one Redditor believes it was all part of his Space Patrol training. He was trained to act like a toy when humans are around, so he could be 'invisible' and finish his mission successfully. 

It all makes sense because when he found out that he was actually a toy, thanks to Woody's continuous reality slap, he felt like everything he believed in was a lie. The impact was huge on him because he was fooled that he's the real Buzz Lightyear his whole life. Oh, poor Buzz!  

6. Without Andy, Woody would have turned out like Lots-o.

In Toy Story 3, the main antagonist was Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, a jumbo and extra soft teddy bear. He acts like the leader of Sunnyside Daycare and turned the place into a prison for toys. He became an evil toy because of an unexpected turn of events when he was still owned by a young girl named Daisy. Her parents accidentally forgot about her toys when they took the sleeping Daisy back into the car.  Lots-o and the other toys Chuckles and Big Baby didn't give up and went back to Daisy's house only to see Daisy holding another Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear.

As years passed by, still bitter and angry at Daisy, Lots-o became a dictator with Big Baby as his second in command. If you think about it, Woody and Lots-o had a lot in common, with their jealousy and ego always taking over. Just imagine if Woody didn't get a chance to go back to Andy and didn't realize he's becoming petty towards Buzz, there's a huge possibility that he might have turned out like Lots-o!

Although these theories were never officially confirmed by the writers, they still changed the way that we saw the series. We do hope that in the next movie they will finally talk about all of these especially the theory about Andy's father! For now, we would just let our excitement build up to infinity and beyond for Toy Story 4!

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