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Filipina Beauty Exposes Secrets to Reveal a Sexy You

Filipina Beauty Exposes Secrets to Reveal a Sexy You

Sherlyn Roy rose to the ranks of many aspiring athletes to become a successful Fitness Trainer and a Renowned Competitor in bodybuilding competitions. She constantly challenges herself and empowers women to be active in fitness and not be scared in redefining sexy. She has joined many bodybuilding competitions including: IFBB Border States, Tournament of Champions and Wings of Strength to name a few.

Just this late October, she had a talk with us about fitness and nutrition in the recently concluded Shawn Rhoden Classic 2015. She attended as guest speaker, host and representative of women who has made fitness and health a part of their life. 

Questions of women, when it comes to fitness, circle on the problem areas which are: the triceps [bat wings], lower abdominal area [puson] and buttocks. Sherlyn tries to address each part with solutions and proper techniques to make them sexier and stronger.

On eating, she recommends eating 6x a day to strengthen your metabolism. But more importantly, she says that eating ice cream and all the guilty pleasures is okay. Find out her detailed answer in the video below.


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