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In Focus: The Most Hilarious "Thank U, Next" Memes We Found On Twitter

In Focus: The Most Hilarious


Ariana Grande A.K.A. this generation’s pop royalty, surprised everyone with a single that’s been snatching weaves and taking the internet by storm since its releas. With its anti-bitterness theme, it's fastly becoming the next-level breakup anthem we never thought we needed. Breaking records in the first 24 hours of its release, “thank u, next” earned nearly 8.2 million streams on Spotify, making it the newest record for the most streams on Spotify by a female artist.

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Aside from the self-love inspiration “thank u, next” gave us, humor will surely not be lost especially in the day and age of the Internet where memes are born every single day. And without hesitation, Twitter turned this lyrically amusing bop into a viral meme that even Queen Ari herself rode the tide and shared one herself!

From the title to its lyrics, here are the “thank u, next” memes that got us all LOL-ing hard:

1. Queen Ari tweeted a meme using Notting Hill's iconic movie scene to promote her newest bop, "thank u, next"

2. Angkas taught us love, Uber taught us patience, and Grab taught us pain. Facts are facts, don't @ us.

3. "One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain." Well, school taught us all.

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4. Only Jersey Shore fans will understand the accuracy of this tweet.

5. When your SIMS crack ain't clean enough... thank u, next!

6. The Holy Trinity—maybe it is the new version of the Charmed Ones, "the power of three will set us free."

7. Sorry, Ariana. *SCREAMS IN ABBA*

8. Well, The Vampire Diaries taught us all those feelings.

9. It's not all fun and laughter, memes can also dig out the deep feels. *secretly wipes tears*

10. *pokes your bag* Mall guards be like:

Everything in life has taught us more things than one. And while we reminsce at all the growth we went through and learn from it, we also musn't forget to lighten up once in a while. Thanks for the love and laughs, Ari! Next!

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