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Hotties Alert: Get To Know This Band Of American Hunks Currently In The PH For A Concert Series!

Hotties Alert: Get To Know This Band Of American Hunks Currently In The PH For A Concert Series!

Since winning US singing reality show Boy Band in 2017, Sergio Calderon, Michael Conor, Drew Ramos, Chance Perez, and Brady Tutton (better known together as In Real Life or IRL, for short) have been nonstop with their music, whether its recording or performing. Now hot off their US Headline Tour, IRL recently landed in the Philippines to kick off their first international gig. ABS-CBN Lifestyle caught up with the young, talented hotties in Manila as they talked about their upcoming plans, music influences, hobbies, dating status, and so much more—here are what we grasped from our kilig convo!

1. The boys still keep in touch with their Boy Band fam. The show is hosted by Rita Ora, while Timbaland, Emma Bunton, and Nick Carter served as judges. These big names, apparently the boys have become friends with. “I was just DM-ing Timbaland,” Michael revealed. The boys also went to the Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life residency show in Vegas, where they hung out with frontman Nick himself. They also see Rita from time to time on radio appearances. They have yet to reunite with Emma (who lives in the UK) but appreciate whenever she and the other three promote them on social media—be it liking their posts or re-posting them.

2. They’re feeling the Filipino love. “It’s so cool,” exclaimed Chance in our chat. “We’ve never been here. We’ll walk around and some people will recognize us. People halfway across the world know who we are and we’ve never done anything before!” Sergio added, “We’re going to a beach in Cebu. We’re really excited for that.”

3. When asked which One Direction member they identify with most, they’ll base their choices on whose vocal ranges are most similar to their own. IRL cites the global boy band as their biggest musical influence. That said, Brady is Louis Tomlinson, Sergio is Niall Horan, Drew is Zayn Malik, Michael is Liam Payne, and Chance is Harry Styles. Ear candy galore!

4. It's all about harmony in every sense of the word. The boys agree that the best part about working with each other is, as their producers have noticed, how well their voices blend.

5. The worst thing about their relationship? Deciding on a place to eat. Chance explained, “Sergio always wants to go to McDonald’s and he’s always laughing at me because I like to eat lettuce.” Brady quipped, “If we see anything green, we’ll be like, ‘Chance will probably grab that.’ Taco Bell and wings are Drew’s fave—so much that he can eat them as much as three times a day!

6. They have different ways of keeping fit. “My workout is sports. I like basketball,” admitted Michael. For Chance, it depends on what he’s in the mood to do. Oftentimes, it includes both cardio and choosing what body parts to work on that day. Brady’s into walking while Sergio is into boxing. Drew joked that he uses his mouse a lot, but his eight-pack sure don’t lie!

7. When they’re not making music, they just love to chill. Like many of us, Drew watches Netflix (he’s currently into The Good Place) and Sergio digs Facetime and eating. Michael plays basketball any chance he gets, though the rest of the group is just as impressed by the fact that he’s ambidextrous. Turns out, Chance has a little notebook he likes to scribble things on! Either that, or he’ll spend time with his daughter and the rest of his fam. Brady’s into photo editing. He’ll be the first to tell you that he can spend hours on end just doing that!

8. Good news—they’re available. “We’ve had relationships in the past year,” revealed Chance, as we noticed their use of the past participle tense. “But we’re all single now!”

9. And they’re very open to the idea of dating a fan! “One hundred percent,” exclaimed Drew. “They’re just people.” For Chance, if you connect with someone, then you just connect. Sergio would agree. “It’ll just happen on its own!" Brady also revealed that there have been times when they’d be on stage and they’d spot cuties in the audience.

10. What are qualities do they like, you ask? For Drew, “I look for an open personality, ‘cause I’m very open myself.” Michael likes a good conversationalist. Brady appreciates people who are down for and can have fun doing anything, while Chance likes confidence. “If they’re not afraid to be honest with you, and share interests with you I find that super attractive,” he pointed out.

11. Watch out for their next single. “It’s one you’ve not heard yet,” teased Chance. “This whole year, we’ve been talking about how we don’t have a ‘sound’ but that we want to veer away from bubblegum pop. We’re trying to be a little more mature. Edgier. I think this next song is going to help us get into that realm. ” Sergio echoed the thought. “It’s nothing compared to what we have now.” For Michael, he was quick to express gratitude to that genre. “'Eyes Closed' is very nostalgic for us because that’s the song we came off the show with. But at the same time, that’s not necessarily the music we listen to. The music we’re putting out is stuff we really enjoy.”

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan




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