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In Focus: Getting To Know The Fresh Cast Of The "Spirits" Reboot

In Focus: Getting To Know The Fresh Cast Of The


Back in 2004, Spirits was the series that fed the fantasies of every young adventure seeker at that time and helped shape their childhood. Bringing together a cast of teens who yield extraordinary powers and battle the supernatural, this show gave us the solid crew of Rayver Cruz, Maja Salvador, John Wayne Sace, Michelle Madrigal, Joseph Bitangcol, Jiro Manio, Serena Dalrymple, and Mico Aytona.

14 years later, iWant is bringing the thrilling story of this squad back with Spirits Reawaken featuring a fresh batch of guardians who will take us through another journey of teenage struggles, fighting evil, friendship, and self-discovery. If you're curious as to who will play the iconic roles of Red, Gabbie, Lloyd, Maya, Jesse, and Nato, scroll through and get to know these young heros!

Grae Fernandez as Red

Leading the pack is Grae Fernandez as Red, the character previously played by seasoned actor Rayver Cruz. With his mysterious gaze, innate leader vibes, and boy-next-door looks, 17-year-old Grae is the perfect guy to take on this main role! Along with his power of telekinesis, Red's admirable skills lie in his strategic abilities and logical thinking. He definitely sounds like the one who always saves the day! Who's ready to swoon?

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Patrick Quiroz as Lloyd

Anothe character to fall in love with is Lloyd who's portrayed by Patrick Quiroz. At 18, Patrick's brooding features make him look like the doppelganger of original actor John Wayne Sace! Lloyd's character is described as the loner, making him the soft boy of the squad. He also harnesses the power of bilocation and is probably the most loyal one in the group. We already know it's not hard to fall for this cutie!

Chantal Videla as Gabbie

Sweet and angelic-looking, fresh face Chantal Videla is about to make her mark in show business as the show's Gabbie. This was Maja Salvador's breakout role in 2004, and we're pretty sure Chantal will also shine brighter from here on out! Even though she doesn't possess any powers, Gabbie's strength is her pure heart, making her an integral part of the squad. With her sweetheart qualities, there's no wonder why Red and Lloyd are trying to win her affections!

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Kira Balinger as Maya

Following the footsteps of Michelle Madrigal, rising TV darling Kira Balinger is about to enchant us with her role as Maya. We all know 18-year-old Kira as one of today's prettiest faces, but she's ready to prove that she's beyond that. Her character faces intense family struggles that propels her to show a vulnerable side. With her precognition abilities, Maya is set to define herself as a rightful heroine!

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Jairus Aquino as Jesse

Previously portrayed by Joseph Bitangcol, the role of Jesse lands on 19-year-old Jairus Aquino. As the rebel of the squad, Jairus will be showing off a tough persona in this series while yielding the power of electrokinesis. Jesse may come off as stubborn and reckless, but we're curious to see how his resilient attitude will help him and his friends defeat their enemies!

Bugoy Cariño as Nato

Injecting a light-hearted spirit in the group is Bugoy Cariño as Nato. Taking on Jiro Manio's iconic role, Bugoy will surely make us laugh with his witty antics in the series. Nato is the kind of guy that everyone would want to be friends with! Plus, his unique ability to talk to the aliens is exciting to see! Hopefully, he won't cause any troubles along the way!

Now that you've gotten a peek at the characters of Spirits Reawaken, we're sure you're already counting the days down until its release! Make sure to meet Red, Lloyd, Gabbie, Maya, Jesse, and Nato on November 17, 2018, and stream the magic of Spirits on iWant!

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