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In Focus: Bad Habits That Hardcore Fans Should Watch Out For

In Focus: Bad Habits That Hardcore Fans Should Watch Out For



When it comes to the popularity of celebrities, groups, television shows, and movies, we have the hardcore fans to thank since they're the ones behind making their idols be a part of the trending topics, music charts, and television ratings which are not easy to do! All the love and support they give once they're hooked comes with great responsibility in making their faves reach the success that they deserve.

We know that being a hardcore fan is enjoyable and has its own perks. But sometimes, there are not-so-nice things that we're guilty of doing. Here, we list some of our bad habits that we should keep in check: 

1. Attacking other fandoms.

It's okay to be proud of what your fave and fandom have achieved. But what's not okay is rubbing it on other people's faces and attacking them just to prove that you're better than them. We believe that the way a fan acts represent the way their fave is, that's why it's better to just ignore the people who attack your fandom rather than beating fire with fire. It's better to stay in your lane, and don't try to drag other artists down. We're pretty sure your idols wouldn't want you fighting or bashing each other!

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2. Attacking the person they're dating

For starters, it's okay if you ship them with other people (or even with yourself, by all means) since shipping is meant to be a fun thing to do. It just becomes a bad habit when you start trying to control their love life and getting mad at them for not following what your expectations of them. It's even worse when you attack the person that they're dating since they didn't really do anything wrong. Just think that this person is someone that your idol truly cares for. At the end of the day, it's their personal lives, and we should respect that.

3. Being a superior fan

Yes, you've been there even if they weren't as popular as they are now. You're the kind of fan that we can call an OG. And since we know you wouldn't be a fan of them if they're not great, don't be surprised if the time comes that the fandom grows with new people wanting to join and spazz with you. If you think you have the right to think less of the new fans and highly of yourself just because you've been a fan longer than them, then that's a bad habit you should break. Yes, it makes you more knowledgeable about the group or idol you're stanning, but it doesn't make you better than others. What most OG fans should actually do is inspire and educate the new fans to become better supporters, not downgrade them. 

4. Being too demanding

Let us remind you that even if you've been there for them since the beginning and during their hard times, your fave doesn't owe you anything when it comes to their life. Stop harassing them online about the details of their break up, calling them out on their lack of updates on social media, or asking why they don't hangout with this certain person anymore. You shouldn't also nag them about releasing new material because every artist needs ample time to produce work that's authentic to them. If it's something that they think you deserve to know, then they will share it with you. But if they intended keep mum about certain issues, then you have to respect them because they deserve it.

5. Behaving inappropriately 

Even if you believe that they wouldn't read your comments or you wouldn't really put what you're saying into action, make sure to watch your words and never come off as inappropriate. We know the burst of emotions we all get whenever we see just how attractive our idols are. But don't go too far with sexually inappropriate comments. Don't forget that they should also be respected. If you love them, you wouldn't want them to feel uncomfortable with the things that you're saying, right?

Also, when you get the chance to meet them in person, respect their space, and please keep your hands to yourselves. We wouldn't want a repeat of that Nam Joo Hyuk incident, would we?

6. Stalking them in real life

Despite the fact that they share almost everything about their life on social media including a house tour video, their office address, or where they usually eat breakfast, stalking them IRL is on a whole new level of being disrespectful–not to mention, creepy. Even though your intentions are harmless, you are still invading their personal lives. Even when you itend to give them a warm welcome, it's better not to chase them to their hotel when they have an event in your area. When they're no longer at work, that's where the boundaries should lie. Your oppas need some peace and quiet, too! 

As avid fans, we do most things out of love. But sometimes we have to set limits and know where we should stop. Just imagine if you're in their place, how would you feel if strangers do these things to you? You wouldn't like it, right? That's why as much as it's fun to be a fan, we should also be mindful with how our actions affect them. It's always better to be a responsible fan rather than a thoughtless one who might possibly cause harm to others.

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