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In Focus: 9 Shows To Watch To Prep You For #iKONinManila

In Focus: 9 Shows To Watch To Prep You For #iKONinManila


By Mikka Caronan

After 5 years of waiting, iKON 2018 CONTINUE Tour in Manila is finally happening! It's just one week away but this will probably be the longest week for us, Filipino iKONICs. We know all of you can’t wait, and listening to our iKON playlist everyday simply isn't enough to keep us busy. So to help you, we made a list of some entertaining shows you could watch to pass time and to help you prepare for the concert!

1. Who Is Next? (WIN)

Let’s go back to their pre-debut days and watch how already talented they are even as trainees! Prepare your feelings and tissues before you watch this, though. Nothing would make you prouder when you go back to where they started!


This is another pre-debut survival show but this time with Chan-Woo! It's quite more brutal than WIN, seeing how their performances here are so intense! Our personal favorites are Sinosijak and Long Time No See! And if you can't get enough, make sure to watch the unreleased clips!

3. iKON TV

This V Live variety show is so fun because they were alo the PD-nims (producers). Each member has his own episode that he produced, that’s why the boys of iKON got to show their personalities off in this series. We won't give any spoilers out but make sure to watch out for Jin-Hwan’s episode!

Watch iKON TV on V LIVE

4. Video Star

There's no need for paparazzi and fansites, because iKON members already exposed each other on this show as they battle for the center spot, massage chair, and bonus money! This is one of their funniest show guestings ever, and you definitely shouldn’t miss this!

5. Kony’s Summertime

Feel the summer vibe as Love Love Date with Dong-Hyuk, Jangdanjo, and Risotto team enjoy their break time in Saipan!

6. Weekly Idol

Do you want to see B.I’s first ever aegyo for iKONICs? How about discover Jin-Hwan’s height using mandarins? Ever curious about iKON’s individual rooms? Watch this episode of Weekly Idol to get to know your biases more!

Here, help the hosts find the sexiest guy in iKON! Who's your bet?

7. iKON’s Heart Racing In Hawaii

Their endless game of O and X card in their Hawaii trip will make your heart race as well!

8. Kony’s Island

Let iKON take you through the gorgeous island of Jeju as they complete their missions in a game of bingo!

9. Concert clips

And of course, let’s get hyped up with iKON’s concert clips! You can also practice fan chants, but we know that Filipino fans just sing along and scream with all our hearts which makes the idols love us even more!

We are so excited to sing and wave our konbats on November 11! We know that it’s hard to be patient, but we’ve already waited for #iKONinManila for so long and we just have to hold it out just a little bit more! Are you ready to see B.I, Jay, Bobby, Song, Ju-Ne, DK, and Chan, iKONICs?

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