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Know More About Mommy Claudine to Kids Sabina and Santino

Know More About Mommy Claudine to Kids Sabina and Santino

Claudine Barretto has made one sterling comeback after another.

She has made the awesome cinematic return in “Etiquette for Mistresses,” which has proven that she remains a bankable draw in movies. Her intense and memorable performance in her television comeback on TV via the MMK episode “Ate” also made everyone believe that she is “soooo back” as both an incredible actress and “Optimum Star.”

We all lay witness to her grumblings, controversies and missteps in recent years but the mere fact that she got up from the fall and now inspiring the downtrodden to follow her lead makes Claudine an even better artist altogether.

But little is known about how endearing and impressive Claudine is as a mother to Santino and Sabina and how their love made the actress’ life worth all the hardships and challenges. Her love for the kids is truly a wonder for all to learn and fathom.

Working Mom zeroes in on this special bond as it features Claudine and her kids on its November 2015 issue.

Know more about how Claudine is as a mom and how she, Santino and Sabina enjoy, share and express their deepest unconditional love with each other.

Grab your copy at your favorite bookstores and newsstands.





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