OC-fy your Kitchen

OC-fy your Kitchen

Because it is not hard to keep your kitchen neat.

Being aware where a lot of things are happening, it is a must to keep your kitchen clean and organized. It may seem challenging at start, but small steps can help you achieve a clutter-free kitchen. Here are simple ways towards achieving an organized kitchen.

Keep your counters clean

Instead of leaving your things on countertops, make the most of your cabinets! Use your cabinets to store condiments and kitchen appliances, while placing frequently-used items like utensils and knives at your countertop.

FIFO [First In, First Out] all the time

A simple rule in essence, yet it is very helpful in lessening your worries about expiration dates. With this rule, you consume items as you buy them. Organize your items by rows, placing newer items at the back, and older items towards the front.

Utilize your space wisely

One might worry about lack of space, but really just a proper arrangement of dinnerware can make you think otherwise! By stacking cups and saucers together, and placing plates together, you get to utilize the most out of your cabinet’s space.

Also, adding drawer organizers for utensils, and hooks to hang cups and mugs can also help in making the most out of your cabinet space.

Keep eyesores out of plain sight

It’s important to have a clean, and presentable kitchen, so dirty rags should be hidden away from plain sight. Also, place your dishwashing liquid in a nice bottle, and place sponges in a rack to make your kitchen clutter-free.

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