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Daily Diaries: What To Do When Your Friends Don't Get Along With Your S.O.

Daily Diaries: What To Do When Your Friends Don't Get Along With Your S.O.



It's cool when your friends and significant other get along. It's not only more fun since you can be with your partner and still spend time with your friends, but it's also less hassle since they would understand moments when you would have to hangout with the other more at times. While most friends can be friendly with their friends' partner and vice versa, it's not the same for everyone. 

They might think that this won't have an effect on you, but we know you're having a hard time right now! So to help you improve this situation, we listed down the things that you can do to keep a friendlier atmosphere between bae and your squad.

1. Find out why they don't like each other.

Maybe it's how your partner doesn't make an effort to get to know them more or your friends always join your date without even asking permission from the both of you. These might be little things to you but a big deal to them, that's why it's better to ask them first about why they don't get along. You might be surprised as to how it makes sense and might even be able to think of a solution to fix the problem. Sadly, there are also people who doesn't like other people for no apparent reason—yup, those people exist. And unfortunately, maybe they're one of them. Whatever the reason may be, it's best to know the truth before everything starts getting worse. 

2. Manage your time with them.

If the situation comes that one or the both of them gets jealous with whom you choose to spend your free time with, it's time to set some boundaries. Your time should be in your control, not anyone else's. Remember that when someone isolates you from spending time with other people, you should think twice about hanging out with them because that's not love, that's an abusive behavior. In order to have a solution to this, you can make a schedule. On weekends, you'll hangout with your friends, while on weekdays you'll go to dinner with your significant other. Either way, make sure they're going to understand your boundaries. 

3. Let them know that it's bothering you.

You have to let them know that you are bothered by the situation because they might be able to reassure you that it's something they're willing to improve or something that you shouldn't be worried about. Of course, you have to listen to what they have to say after. And if they completely understand your perspective, then everything's going to be alright. But if they don't, then we think you're going to have to think twice about keeping them in your life. 

4. Besides you, find a common thing that they can relate. 

We're sure that besides their relationship with you, they would have something else in common that can possibly make them have something to relate with each other like their favorite movie, sport, or maybe even something they experienced while growing up. If you can, talk to someone you know both knows your significant other and friends to help you build a common ground between them. By doing this, you might be surprised to find out that they're more similar than you think! And the next time you hangout, they wouldn't mind being around each other anymore.

5. Don't choose.

Something that you should never do in a situation like this is choosing between the two. We know they're both important to you, so you wouldn't want to lose any of them just because you're uncomfortable with them not getting along. But choosing wouldn't get you anywhere since the worst thing can happen which is you ending up alone. And if one or the both of them are pressuring you to choose, then let them know that it's not something that's going to fix this problem. 

Although you just want to get out of this frustrating situation ASAP, never try forcing two people to get along if they don't like each other. Doing so will have its consequences, either you'll lose one of them or you'll lose them both. Yes, we all want the people that we love to like each other, but there's nothing wrong with putting boundaries between the two. And if they really love you, they wouldn't mind your decision of being neutral.

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