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Is He Boyfriend Material?

Is He Boyfriend Material?

Whether it is TDH (Tall, Dark, and Handsome) or WMWG (White Men with Guitar), we certainly have different sets of characteristics for our ideal guy. No matter how long the list is or how ideal the qualities are, they could be summed up to: a guy being a boyfriend, or better yet, husband, material.

We've heard of them. Some people call them as "Mr. Right", "The One", "Knight in Shining Armor"--whatever they're called, they all fall in the same category: they are the men whom we want to share our life with.

That is the reason why Cardo and Ador (Coco Martin), Clark Medina (James Reid), and Angelo Buenavista (Daniel Padilla) do not fail to capture our hearts every night. They turn our 'ideal' guy into a 'real' one with the following qualities:


The Protector

A man who can willingly sacrifice his life to protect the people he loves and makes sure they are secured from all harm. This chacteristic is perfectly portrayed by Coco Martin in "Ang Probinsyano" as Ador and Cardo. Who wouldn't want a guy who can give a perv a shock in the face?


This kind of man can make your heart pound merely by his stare.


The Provider

Aside from good looks, a major turn on, especially for girls who looks for husbands-to-be, is when a guy is able to sustain for his family well. Someone who is hardworking, and not-to-mention, good looking breadwinner who would secure his family's needs before his own as portrayed by James Reid as Clark Medina in "On the Wings of Love".

We also admire a guy who would step up on a challenge just to prove his love and impress his girl's father. Just like what Clark did when Mang Sol challenged his in a drinking marathon. Courageously sweet and cute, right?

This guy has a smooth way of taming his girl--that is through a sweet, gentle kiss.


The Fighter

Although probably many would not admit, we dream of a Romeo and Juliet kind love story. Of course, not the tragedy part, but the fact that a guy would go the extra mile, against the odds for the girl he loves. Just like Daniel Padilla's role in "Pangako Sa'yo" as Angelo Buenavista who would give up everything, his wealth and power, just to be with Yna Macaspac played by Kathryn Bernardo. 

Aside from guys who have a sense of fashion, many girls still admire guys who look good on simple clothes. Like how Angelo carries himself with this plain white shirt. It made him look neat and simple yet adorable.

 This man can make you feel beautiful and secured with his gentle touch.


We view love as something worth fighting for. And indeed, it is. So if a guy can make you feel protected and secured, and is willing to fight and sacrifice for you amidst everything that comes his way, then may well be just worth your love...and future.

QUICK POLL: It's YOUR chance to make that choice. For you, who among Coco, Daniel and James is boyfriend material?

This article was inspired by a feature entitled  "Top Three Teleserye Boyfriend Material" which appeared on StarStudio Magazine available in all leading bookstores. 

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