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The Six Fix: Fresh Collabs Between K-Pop Acts And International Artists

The Six Fix: Fresh Collabs Between K-Pop Acts And International Artists



It's not new to hear a K-pop group or artist collaborating with international artists since the music industry is actually small if you think about it now that everything is within easy reach. The fact that K-pop has become a phenomenon that you can't escape from even if you live in the West makes everyone curious and willing to make music with Korea's top artists. These days, it seems as though every global artist and producer are reaching out to SoKor!

This year has definitely become the year of exciting projects across the globe. And to show how much we're proud of how far K-pop has gone, we listed down the fresh drops you should definitely listen to!  

1. "IDOL" by BTS feat. Nicki Minaj

The song that topped not only the Korean charts but also in the U.S, "IDOL" was recorded by the phenomenal K-pop group BTS and rapper Nicki Minaj. This high-energy track is something you would want to dance to! We're not only impressed by  the song, but also the music video which is so aesthetically pleasing with all the colors and patterns while the members show off their iconic choreography. Although this is not the group's first high-profile collaboration, we're not surprised with how huge this song has reached since it's well-written and uniquely made featuring different classical Korean instruments. 

2. "Kiss and Make Up" by BLACKPINK and Dua Lipa

A month before its release, BLINKs around the world have been thoroughly hyped with this collab! Showcasing both their English and Korean vocals, BLACKPINK recorded the song entitled "Kiss and Make Up" with pop superstar Dua Lipa. With the members' outstanding vocals mixed with Dua's refreshing tone, we totally expected that the song would top the charts, put Dua's self-titled debut studio album back out there, and make every fan clamor for more! The girls are definitely in it for the crown!

3. "Written In The Stars" by Wendy of Red Velvet and John Legend

It's not everyday that we see a vocally outstanding girl group member collaborate with one of the most popular R&B singers in the world. That's why when the news of Red Velvet's Wendy and John Legend duet broke out, everyone just freaked out! And they didn't disappoint as the song "Written In The Stars" is every bit of the enchanting love song we imagined it to be. The track is about two star-crossed lovers who tried to find a way to make their love work, something that everyone does for their soulmate. We couldn't help but feel all tingly with how romantic the MV is. They definitely surprassed our expectations!

4. "DOPENESS" by Black Eyed Peas feat. CL

We want to thank the iconic group Black Eyed Peas because they answered our prayer: to get new music out of K-pop's Queen Of Rap herself CL! The funky song entitled "DOPENESS" is the song you'll want to jam to with your friends when you're having a party or going on a rocking road trip. Presenting us a black, white, and gold music video, the trio and CL are vigilantes who rob and give their riches to the youth. This is not the first time Black Eyed Peas collaborated with our favorite female rapper, though. OG K-pop fans out there may remember, that they had a joint performance of the song "Where Is The Love?" at the Mnet Music Awards 2011. We definitely needed this song to quench our thirst for CL's music! 

5. "Don't Look Back" by PREP feat. Shownu & So!YoON!

Shownu, the lead singer of K-pop group MONSTA X and So!YoOn! of Korean indie band Se So Neon were featured in London's groovy group PREP's song "Don't Look Back." The track is about getting the piercing realization that you're not the only person in someone's life and finding out that they're probably cheating on you. It's the smooth and sweet song you would probably want to hear when you just want to have a chill day with your friends while talking about life. Plus, Shownu and So!YoON!'s engaging vocals made the song even more calming.

6. "What We Talkin' Bout" by NCT 127 feat. Marteen

As one of the newest K-pop boy group that's making waves in the global scene, NCT 127 totally proved that they're a group we should all look out for as they collaborate with R&B singer and songwriter Marteen in the song entitled "What We Talkin' Bout." With its catchy tune, get ready as NCT 127 and Marteen serenade you with this smashing track! Unfortunately, the song is only limited to Apple users, which is probably the reason why it's not as popular as the other songs in this list. Either way, it's a true bop that deserves to be heard!

Listen to "What We Talkin' Bout" here.

Hopefully, we'll be indulged with more and more collaborations between K-pop acts and international artists! Recently, we heard that EXO's Lay has participated in a Michael Jackson tribute track with Justin Bieber and Jason Derulo which will be released on November 16. Pop star Zara Larsson has also expressed her interest in making music with EXO and BTS by next year. 

We can still vividly remember how other people judged K-pop and thought that all it can offer is the cutesy concept, assuming that they wouldn't grow and be known around the world. Well, we're sure that those people are eating their words right now. Here's to seeing more K-pop invasions in the global scene!

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