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In Focus: The Best Way To Beat EDSA Traffic? Sing Your Way To 'Tagumpay'!

In Focus: The Best Way To Beat EDSA Traffic? Sing Your Way To 'Tagumpay'!

by Zandra Estallo

If there are two attributes we Filipinos are known for all over the world, it's our desire to succeed and our passion for singing.

Perhaps that's the reason why we often find ourselves breaking into a song whenever we achieve  something – earning extra after a long day of plying the streets behind the wheel, closing a deal with a client way earlier than expected, or simply getting home on time to enjoy a hearty dinner with your loved ones. These are all compelling reasons to celebrate the qualities that make us all stand out: Magaling. Ibang Klase ang Talino. May Sipag na Angat sa Iba.

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This is the way Coco Martin and Emperador want Filipinos to celebrate everyday milestones through the song Ating Tagumpay, the lyrics of which are now posted on billboards in various portions of EDSA, from North Avenue Station in Quezon City to MRT Taft in Pasay.

These Ating Tagumpay billboards serve to honor the grit, the courage, and the ability of every Juan dela Cruz on the street to do great things. Whether you are an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), laborer, call center agent, a driver, a student, or a traffic enforcer, as long as you work hard and have the determination to succeed, you can definitely achieve whatever you dream of.

So the next time you see any of these billboards on EDSA, sing along, let it all out, and be one with your kapwa Pilipino in celebrating the things that make us truly world-class. At the end of the day, it's really all about finding ways to win in any way you can, and plotting your way to success begins today.

Know more about how Emperador pays tribute to the unbreakable spirit of every Filipino with Ating Tagumpay by visiting

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