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The Six Fix: Asian Horror Films That Will Give You The Chills This Halloween

The Six Fix: Asian Horror Films That Will Give You The Chills This Halloween



by Kassandra Flores
Chalk Campus Correspondent

It’s the time of the year again, the season for nightmare-inducing films that will surely make us scream our lungs out. From vampire-themed movies to haunted mansions, there is no doubt that scaring ourselves through watching films has already become a part of our Halloween habit.  And here, we listed some of the best Asian horror films that you might just want to watch over the Halloween weekend.

1.       White: Melody Of Death (South Korea)
In the competitive entertainment industry, a group of singers called Pink Dolls remained unnoticed with the growing number of girl groups in South Korea. But their world turned upside down when they made a remake of the song, “White” that led them to the stairway of fame. As the group continuously gains popularity, each member gets into one horrible accident after another. For those of you who love K-pop, this might give you the chills in a different level! 

2.       Pee Mak (Thailand)
If you’re looking for a spooky and comedy film in one, then you might want to add Pee Mak to your to watch list. Set roughly a hundred years ago, the film is about Mak (played by Mario Maurer,) a soldier who returns home after a war. Mak brought his four comrades together with him to his hometown in Phra Khanong and introduced them to his beautiful wife, Nak. Little did they know, Nak died while giving birth to their son but Mak refuses to listen to the villagers telling him that his family is indeed dead.

3.       Haunted (India)
In a world filled with haunted mansion-themed movies, this horror film from India won’t disappoint you. Haunted tells a story about a real-estate broker named Rehan, who happens to sell an ancient mansion in an isolated place. But later, he finds out about the eerie story behind the mansion and slowly, mystery unfolds.

4.        Exte (Japan)
When it comes to horror films with creepy storylines, Japan never fails to scare. And this Japanese film will make you scream your hearts out with its bloodcurdling plot. Exte is about an aspiring hairdresser who retails hair extensions that brings dreadful luck to those who will wear them.

5.       The Maid (Singapore)
Starring Alessandra De Rosi, this Singaporean film will surely make you yelp like no other. The Maid is all about Rosa Dimaano, an 18 year-old Filipina who decides to fly Singapore to work as a domestic maid. But her arrival in the country turns out to be a case of bad timing. She arrived during the seventh month of the year, which, according to local superstitions, is the time when underworld creatures unleash their evil capabilities. Days passed by and she is continuously being haunted with visions of the horrible fate of the family’s previous maid.

 6. TXT (Philippines)

Starring Angel Locsin, this horror fim will surely give you goosebumps with its spine-tingling storyline. TXT is about a woman named Joyce, who constantly receives text messages from his deceased ex-boyfriend. Even after death, his abusive ex-boyfriend's vengeful spirit continues to haunt Joyce at present.

In case you still haven’t watch one of these, maybe now’s the right time you should. After all, what is Halloween without scaring the heck out of us, right? So, turn off the lights, grab some popcorn, turn the TV on, and prepare to be spooked! Happy Halloween!

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