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In Focus: How We're Currently Handling EXO's Much-Awaited Comeback

In Focus: How We're Currently Handling EXO's Much-Awaited Comeback



If you're an EXO-L, your life must be starting to get chaotic right now. Finally, EXO is making their long overdue 2018 comeback with the album Don't Mess Up My Tempo (they're the ones messing us up, TBH,) and every day feels like we're going to explode with too much excitement!

Last October 1, EXO dropped the teaser of their comeback with noting but a new logo and a hint to the concept. A couple of days later, the name of the album, date of release, and pre-order details were revealed, along with the confirmation of Lay's participation in the music video and Chinese version of the album. (#OT9, yas!) Now, we're finally at the stage of being fed with actualy video and photo teasers, making it harder and harder for us to, well, breathe

If you're suffering with us, then you probably can relate to how we're handling all these overwhelming feels. Here's to making it to November 2 alive.

1. We've never thirsted more than when Kai teased us with the new choreo and a matching lip synch.

For their recent live performances, the boys couldn't stay put anymore as they've been showing us never-before-seen choreos which we know for sure are spoilers for their comeback. Kai especially couldn't hold it out any longer when he teased "Tempo" a few days ago right before they left the stage at the Busan One Asia Festival. We've also seen Chen, Xiumin, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun give us other forms spoilers of their new title track!

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2. We got served when the first teaser video was dropped.

Just when we're already getting tired with how SM was practically posting about everything except EXO's comeback, we finally got what we've all been craving for when the first video was released featuring all members including Lay! From the rugged visuals to Chen's immaculate pitch, we just got more fueled than ever for this extra frustrating comeback, and we knew that the wait is finally, almost over.

3. We've been staying up until 11pm for the succeeding teasers.

You know your're a hardcore fan when you're staying past your bedtime just to wait for 12am KST, the exact time when EXO releases their individual teasers. As of now, we've seen D.O., Kai, and Baekhyun's teasers. And if they're not your bias, you're probably forced to stay tuned on the dot just so you won't miss your fave's fresh video and photos (plus a snippet of the songs from the album!) Whose teaser do you think will be revealed next? (Chanyeol's, please!)

4. We can no longer wait to get our hands on our pre-ordered albums.

Of course, the experience and our support wouldn't be complete without buying the physical CDs. We're getting three versions of Don't Mess Up My Tempo namely Andante, Moderato, and Allegro. Now that they've teased us with what's inside of each version, the anticipation is building up more and more! Here's to a fast ETA!

5. The fact that we're seeing them ~live~ before the actual comeback is giving us feels.

Yes, our idols are paying us their second visit of the year on October 28 for the MBC Music Show Champion which will be taped here in Manila! As if handling the comeback alone isn't stressful enough, we also have to emotionally prep for EXO's live performance at the MOA Arena! Yes, we're still going "Ko Ko Bop," but, hey, we're no longer complaining, really. Just give us the hipthrusts of "The Eve," and we'll be pretty much fine.

We know that things are only going to get more hectic (and rewarding) for us EXO-Ls from here on out. Our kings will surely slay us and everyone else with a smashing comeback, and we'll be here to take them to the top no matter what! Fighting!

Brought to us by All Access Production, EXO will be performing live at #MBCShowChampMNL2018 on October 28, 2018 at the Mall of Asia Arena along with K-pop acts Weki Meki, MXM, The Boyz, Hyeongseop x Eunwoong, and Xeno-T. For ticket info and other details, visit All Acess Production on Facebook.

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