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In Focus: Why Sabrina Spellman Is The New Baddest Female Character We're Obsessed With

In Focus: Why Sabrina Spellman Is The New Baddest Female Character We're Obsessed With



The first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ended with unanswered questions and a subtle wink from our little witch, but the game-changing series is far from over as people are currently talking about the main character Sabrina Spellman. With her absurd yet brilliant plans and lovable personality, Aunt Z's remark is perfect to describe our feels, "I can never say no to Sabrina." 

Played by actress Kiernan Shipka, Sabrina has become darker than ever as she experiences being half-mortal and half-witch in a whole new level which is totally different from the Sabrina we grew up with A.K.A. Sabrina The Teenage Witch!  Here, we listed the reasons why she is the new baddest female character we're all obsessed with!

1. She started W.I.C.C.A. to protect the girls of Baxter High.

Just days before Sabrina's dark baptism and sweet sixteen arrives, danger already made its presence felt among her friends when Susie was bullied by the jocks in Baxter High because of her sexuality. That's why before she officially leaves and starts her witch journey in the Academy of Unseen Arts, Sabrina started the Women's Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association. She formed this with her best friend Rosalind to protect the girls especially Susie. It wasn't easy as Aunt Zelda and Principal Hawthorne tried to stop her, but she never flinched from her aspiration to start a much-needed organization!

2. She fights for what she believes is right.

One of the things that made us fall in love with Sabrina is how brave she is. Even though she had been underestimated by her family and the other witches and warlocks, she never stopped proving them wrong like when she saved her family from the devil who gives people nightmares Batibat. With the help of Miss Wardwell, Sabrina successfully escaped her nightmare, saved her family, and locked Batibat again. Although her beliefs have been usually the cause of her disagreement with her family and the people of the Church of Night, Sabrina knows when she needs to stop and when she needs to keep fighting for what is right—and that's why we're not surprised if she becomes the greatest witch of her generation. 

3. She's always there for her friends and family.

Sabrina Spellman wouldn't be Sabrina Spellman if she's not selfless when it comes to the people she loves, if she wouldn't do anything just to save them from misery. Sometimes her plans get out of hand, but she's only doing it because she hates seeing them in trouble. Just like when Harvey's brother Tommy died, she used her power to resurrect him and it became the worst decision ever as Tommy's soul was left in the Limbo. Of course, Sabrina still tried to fix this but everything was too late when Tommy's soul was eaten by the soul-eater. With everything that has happened, we still couldn't help but admire Sabrina for being noble. 

4. She's one of the most intelligent characters ever.

No doubt, Sabrina is one of the most intelligent characters on Netflix. We're not sure if she's good academically because we don't really see any scenes of her in the class or if she even talked about her grades, but we're certain that this little witch knows her way of handling her power and what she's capable of. She's not arrogant, but we wouldn't be surprised if she becomes one because with the things that she had done for the mortal and witch world, she's totally the new baddest female character! Imagine trying to save two worlds like when she saved the mortal world from the rage of the 13 witches or when she saved the witch world from going downhill. She does it oh-so-flawlessly! 

5. She's not afraid of the Dark Lord. 

Well, even before the series started, it's already a common knowledge that this series is as dark as it can get. And because witches and warlocks are known to be the people who serve the devil A.K.A. the Dark Lord, the sweet and fearless Sabrina Spellman is one of them—or supposed to be since it's obvious this little witch doesn't want to be a part of any of this. She fought to stay in Baxter High while going to the Academy of Unseen Arts during the weekends instead of permanently leaving her mortal life. We believe she's unconsciously beating the devil and we're so here for it! 

This series may be perfect for Halloween, but it's also something you can watch any time because of how dark and electrifying it is that you would definitely want more of it! We're excited to see what season two will bring us, but for the mean time, join us as we binge-watch the chilling adventures of our spooky heroine!

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