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#ChalkChallenge: The Cast of "Spirits Reawaken" Plays "Guess The Guardian"

#ChalkChallenge: The Cast of



Remember the show with eight gifted teens exhibiting supernatural abilities back in the earl 2000s? It was one of the first few teen shows that combined relatable teen struggles with a fantasy theme and introduced us to the squad of Rayver Cruz, Maja Salvador, Michelle Madrigal, Jiro Manio, and more. And if you're too young to recall this iconic story, don't worry because it’s coming back with reboot and an all new cast!

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It has been 14 years since the guardians had settled on Earth to protect us. And now as the new generation awaits us, we're presented with a fresh batch of guardians who are currently unaware of the special powers they possess!

Meet the gang of Spirits Reawaken: Grae Fernandez as Red, Kira Balinger as Maya, Jairus Aquino as Jesse, Chantal Videla as Gabbie, Bugoy Cariño as Nato, and Patrick Quiroz as Lloyd. These six kids are set to guard the Earth from an alien invasion, and knowing how big of a responsibility that is, we invited the cast first to have fun with us as they play "Guess The Guardian" that will reveal things we don't know about them!

Watch our video below and learn a few tidbits from this wacky cast!

Don't forget stream this brand new series on iWant on November 17, 2018, and join us as we unveil the lives of the new characters of Spirits Reawaken!

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