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#ChalkLovesKisses: Why Kisses Delavin Is The Nicest Girl You'll Ever Meet

#ChalkLovesKisses: Why Kisses Delavin Is The Nicest Girl You'll Ever Meet


Being in the same room as Kisses Delavin is like basking in the warm daylight. Her bright attitude is as genuine as it could get, and it affects you like a happy virus. With her Little Miss Sunshine persona, you'd easily want to be around Kisses, and you'd be grateful to be once you hear her candid laughter or receive compliments that almost automatically fly out of her ever-smiling mouth. I'm convinced that she may just be the nicest girl you will ever meet in the industry.

After shooting with Donny Pangilinan, the other half of the massively admired DonKiss tandem, I join Kisses in her hotel room for our interview. We sit in bed together while she munches her (late) lunch away. It's not hard to grow fond of her, especially when she pauses in the middle of our chat to ask if I've eaten and immediately pushes her food aside as soon as I tell her I haven't had lunch yet. I tell her to continue with her meal to which she replies, "Nahiya po ako eh! Hindi ka pa kumakain."


When you're met with manners like that, one would credit the other person's familial upbringing. In Kisses' case, we can all bet that she acquired her gracious attitude at home, considering her utter closeness to her parents who goes with her wherever work takes her. True enough, she credits most of her values to the way she was raised as an only child. Even when we touch on the topic of self-doubt, Kisses says she has no room for such notion because she grew up feeling constantly affirmed by her parents. "Kapag buong buhay mo, pinuno ka ng parents mo ng pagmamahal, wala ka nang ikaka-doubt," she tells.

This mindset seems almost unique compared to that of other people her age. There's this innocent quality about Kisses that transcends to her confidence in her inner character. For someone who only counts having pimples as the only challenge of being in the public eye or being in better physical shape as the one improvement she wants to work on, Kisses seems to have an impressive composure at an age (not to mention, in an industry) vulenrable to a myriad of insecurities that run deep.


We all know Kisses as a girl meant for the spotlight. She currently shows off her camera-ready skills on the noontime series Playhouse and soon on the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Fantastica. With a strong fanbase that backs her in all of her endeavors, there might be nothing that this girl can't do in the showbiz scene. But what does she want to be known for? "My goal as an actress is that whenever people will watch me, they will be inspired to continue living their lives. I want them to realize that they are not alone in their struggles," she says.


Back in May of this year, Kisses had her solo digital feature with us. And in the time between then and now, I can say that she has stayed as radiantly endearing as ever, if not more. After a day of shooting, Kisses leaves, thanking and hugging every single one in the team. Before she turns the corner in the hallway, she looks back and says with the warmest smile, "I'm always happy whenever I shoot for Chalk." And with that, the pressure from the day's work seems to have melted away.

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Photographed by Shaira Luna
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu
Makeup by Lala Flores
Hair by Rose Cabrera




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