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In the Age of Streaming, Live Music Still Rocks for Fans

In the Age of Streaming, Live Music Still Rocks for Fans

Filipinos nowadays may not be buying music CDs and instead resort to streaming to feed their musical fix, they would, however, still spend money and time to watch their favorite artists perform live on stage. Even if seeing them live would be more expensive than purchasing recorded music, nothing beats witnessing their favorite artists perform right before their eyes.

 “Iba talaga kapag live [because] you feel the energy,” said Jay-R, who is known to give off energetic performances on stage.

Artists like Jay-R would always give their 110% when it comes to live performances.

Such phenomenon is very evident with the number of concerts and music festivals happening in the Philippines, where venues would be packed with people cheering or singing along to the songs being played on stage. Such was widely evident during the recently concluded Myx Mo, one of the longest-running music festivals here in the Philippines.

Even with the advent of music streaming, people would still yearn for seeing their favorite artists perform live.

Despite being in existence since 2001, at a time where CDs were still popular and the MP3 format was still in its infancy, Myx Mo is still among those events that people would still flock to. Never mind standing up for hours, or dealing with the heat (or rainy weather), or trying to swim through the crowd just to be as close to the stage as possible, whoever's on stage, whether it is Barbie Almalbis, Darren Espanto, Abra, or Pupil is on stage, live performances emit a different kind of energy to the audience, especially music fans.

The venues did not matter. Fans would flock to wherever Myx Mo will happen, and enjoy the whole day of music. For the audience, live performances act like endorphins, such that it brings them to a state of euphoria, staying happy and energetic even at the wee hours of the morning.

The long hours and sea of crowd does not matter, as long as they are there to show support for their favorite artists (in this case, Darren Espanto)

“The reason why the crowd comes is to come and watch their favorite artists perform their original music,” Jay-R added.

When it comes to supporting their favorite music artists, Filipinos will do whatever it takes. In return, music artists reciprocate by upping up the ante in their performances, just like when Callalily’s Kean Cipriano decided to go to the crowd and interact with them during this year’s Myx Mo, or Kitchie Nadal throwing to the audience a few copies of her latest album mid-performance.

Kean Cipriano loves his fans so much, he would go near them mid-performance!

“It’s good na nageexcel tayo sa iba’t ibang genre, para tuloy lang ang growth sa bawat isa,” remarked Abra, who has showcased his stellar rapping skills for Myx Mo a couple of times.

After all, one of the reasons why music artists continue to produce good music in spite of declining record sales is because of their passionate fans. In the seven (or more) hours of Myx Mo at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds for Myx Mo, fans showed how passionate and dedicated they were in cheering for the artists performing on stage. 

Tapes and CDs may be considered obsolete, while live performances and music festivals are "future-proof".

Only time will tell how distribution and consumption of recorded music will thrive and evolve, but one thing is for sure: live performances in music festivals or concerts will not only stay for good, but increase in number to reach out to more music fans.




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