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In Focus: 7 Hollywood Celebs Who Spazz Over K-Pop Stars Just Like Us

In Focus: 7 Hollywood Celebs Who Spazz Over K-Pop Stars Just Like Us



Besides the international artists they already worked with, K-pop stars are also widely popular among other Hollywood celebrities who discovered K-pop while visiting Korea or just simply browsing the internet. Although some of them haven't reached the collaboration spectrum yet, their fangirling/fanboying moments  just proves how huge K-pop has become. From Ansel Elgort to Chloe Moretz, these celebrities are true Hallyu fans who are just patiently waiting for the time to come that they would be able to see their faves again!

Here, we listed the times Hollywood celebs fangirled or fanboyed over K-pop stars! 

1. When Emma Stone spazzed over 2NE1 in an interview...

At the Conan show, actress Emma stone professed her love for the K-pop girl group 2NE1. She even describe K-pop as a "global phemonenon" and "the best thing you've ever seen", adding that the song "I Am The Best" by 2NE1 is her jam. Luckily, she got a chance to meet the group during The Amazing Spiderman movie premiere in Korea. When the group arrived, Emma couldn't contain her feels and said she's very happy to finally meet them. Oh, Emma, you're such an adorable fangirl!

2.  When Ansel Elgort took a video of BTS during their performance...

Ansel Elgort is a fanboy of the popular K-pop boy group BTS before they even became close friends! They first met when he was promoting his film Baby Driver in Korea, and immediately noticed that the group are great performers. Since then, Ansel has hung out with them and let the group judge and listen to his new tracks that were not released yet. The cutest fanboy moment of Ansel was when he was caught filming the group's performance at the 2017 American Music Awards with a huge smile. He's definitely a certified ARMY! 

3. When Khalid expressed his adoration for BLACKPINK, NCT, and BTS...

"Young Dumb & Broke" hitmaker Khalid shared in an interview with MYX Philippines that he's a fan of K-pop, saying, "I love BTS, BLACKPINK, and NCT." He also shared that when he visited Korea, he fell in love with its culture and music industry. He expressed that he would want to collaborate with them someday. That would be dope, indeed!

4. When Ezra Miller danced to BLACKPINK's "As If It's Your Last"...

If you've watched Justice League, we're sure you noticed that there's a scene where superheroes Flash and Batman are talking and behind them is a screen where the "As If It's Your Last" MV is playing. Every K-pop fan definitely freaked out during that scene! And the actor who played the Flash, Ezra Miller, admitted that he's indeed a K-pop fan IRL! He even did a short dance cover of the song and described it as "way more gangster" than PSY's "Gangnam Style".

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5. When Lorde mentioned numerous times that she's a fan of CL...

Lorde is a huge CL fangirl to the point that she doesn't care if she's mentioned it in every interview. Her admiration is also obvious in her Twitter account as she expressed her love for CL whom she described as "so sweet and cool and tough and 100% a star". She once shared that she started becoming a K-pop fan in high school when her friend introduced it to her, with 2NE1 and Girls' Generation as her favorite groups. Like most K-pop fangirls, Lorde revealed that she'd like to collaborate with CL someday and we think it's not far-fetched since the two are both great artists! 

6. When Sabrina Carpenter sang "Candy Pop" by TWICE and met with Red Velvet...

When Sabrina tweeted a snap of her and K-pop girl group Red Velvet together with the caption "I used to like chocolate, but now I like red velvet", you know this girl has officially joined the K-pop fan world. We also discovered that the 19-year-old pop singer is also a fan of TWICE when she covered their song "Candy Pop" during her tour in Japan. This just proves that you can be a Reveluv and a ONCE at the same time!

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7.  When Chloe Moretz went to Korea and interacted with a lot of K-pop idols...

From hanging out with Eric Nam to being the first American on SNL Korea to speak Korean, actress Chloe Moretz proved that she's in a whole new level of fangirling when it comes to K-pop. When it comes to the artists she adores, Chloe said she's completely in love with MAMAMOO and described their song "Taller Than You" incredibly good. She even went to Show! Music Core just to meet them. Luckily, she got a signed CD from the group! Besides MAMAMOO, she also listens to K-pop acts BIGBANG, CL, and Taemin.

It looks like these Hollywood celebs are just like us, waiting to be noticed by our oppas and unnies. The only difference is that they're so lucky because they already got a chance to meet and work with some of their favorite K-pop artists. We do hope next time we see more of these adorable interactions! 

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