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Style Inspo: Haters Gonna Hate! Nadine Lustre And Her Kylie Jenner-Inspired Get-Ups Are Here To Stay

Style Inspo: Haters Gonna Hate! Nadine Lustre And Her Kylie Jenner-Inspired Get-Ups Are Here To Stay

A bra top, a crop top, fringe shorts, half-worn bomber jackets, slinky gym wear, bikinis, anything that puts the collarbone, the sternum, or gluteal region within focal point… True, describing Kylie Jenner’s hypebeast-esque Instagram feed might be a tad bit graphic for those who haven’t been following the reality TV star. And if you’re one of whom that we just turned curious and then actually took the time to give it a look, well, now you know we are still playing it conservatively.

For our dearest Nadine Lustre, however, Kylie together with her fast-rising model of a sis Kendall is doing nothing wrong. At least, when it comes to fashion being a personal art form.

“They’re actually two of my style pegs!” Nadine, who’s 25 years old by the end of October, could only gush at the launch of her ambassadorship with Skechers. “I love the way they dress. It’s very chic.”

She later specified to ABS-CBN Lifestyle, “She's (Kylie) carefree and different (style wise). Sometimes, she’s very chic, girly, and a ‘lady boss.’ Sometimes she can go street, and likes to wear baggy pants, big hoodies, and stuff like that. It’s still very me. Those are the kinds of outfit that I would want!”

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Social media has allowed celebrities to literally show their sides directly through their online handles. From being restrained in whichever medium they’re used to be in, now these stars see broken barriers and have come to express themselves and communicate to their fans in a nanosec. Nadine, who currently has 5.4 million followers, for one, has been inciting gasps online courtesy of everything but her lovey-dovey shots with beau James Reid. Instead, she has done so seemingly for her quite risqué shots, whose likes range between 250,000 to 200,000 more. A recent photo Nadine posted of her slipping into a white two-piece and a squeaky white Skechers pair in Studio City Hotel, Macau stood out among these shots at 625,000 likes—and counting. It would have been something that sent the squeamish shivering, but Nadine, wh most likely earns from her social media posts, too, doesn’t seem to mind.

“I like it because Im just being myself, and for people to say positive things about it, that’s good for me,” she mused. “I don’t know—I just like inspiring other people to be themselves, to be different. It’s okay to be not usual.”

She’s got some advice, too, to ladies who look up to her in terms of owning the, quite frankly, hubadera look.

“No two people are the same. Lahat tayo, we have different senses of fashion, different ideas, and a lot of different things,” she declared. “Don’t be afraid to dress up or show everyone who you really are. There are so many people in the world, and the only way for people to remember you is for you to stand out. And for you to stand out, you just have to be yourself."

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan and taken from Nadine's Instagram account




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