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Get Your ‘Flirt’ On

Get Your ‘Flirt’ On

Angelic Star Magic actress Elisse Joson sat with ABS-CBN Lifestyle and revealed to us her tried and tested fun flirting tips to get a little bit closer with that cute guy you’ve been eyeing on.


Simplicity is key

You can overdress all you want, talk in volumes all you want and be noticed—but also all for the wrong reasons. Simplicity becomes rare these days that being Plain Jane is like a breath of fresh air. Elisse says, “They (guys) like simple girls more. Pag nag fi-flirt, wag masyado OA. Wag mag-papansin. Wag pabebe.”


Subtle, smooth, and thoughtful

The cat and mouse chase has already gotten old but a bit of it every now and then doesn’t hurt either. It’s all about striking a balance. “The more that you ignore them, the more that they try to get you. Pero wag naman ‘yon sobrang kina-kausap ka na, tapos deadma padin. Parang masyado ng pakipot. Yon sakto lang na medyo deadma, pero tingin tingin,” Elisse shares.

According to her, don’t also forget to show hints that you care. “They like to be taken cared of ‘eh. If you have like a crush on someone, siguro pag sa school, try giving him snacks, na medyo pa cute effect lang na note.”


Smart over dumb

Now you don’t need to be Einstein-smart to get what this means. Stop pretending dumb because you think it’s cute or that you’re not as smart as you really are to accommodate a man’s ego. Even Elisse agrees, “Usually kasi, ang idea ng girls ngayon, the more you play dumb, the more they like you. I think the more you show them you’re smart and you can handle yourself and you’re confident, mas don sila kakagat.”


It takes two

…to tango, to make something work, or to build any kind of relationship. “When you talk to someone you like, try to know more about them. Not just yourself. React to what he says. Notice the little things na maaalala mo like the next time you talk na, ‘oh, nag pa-pay attention siya sakin’,” Elisse says.


Cliché but true

Yes it may sound like a tale as old as time. But it just couldn’t be said more often. Be yourself. Elisse explains, “For example you think this guy, the guy you like naririnig mo un mga tipo niyang babae. Don’t try to be that. Be your own person. If they like you, they’re gonna like you for who you are talaga.” 


Photos by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn)




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