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#OwnYourStory: How To Use Your Passion To Fight Your Inner Battles

#OwnYourStory: How To Use Your Passion To Fight Your Inner Battles



Being in a healthy mental state isn't an effortless journey. There are often good days and bad days as the process isn't always a steady way up. But during the moments that we doubt ourselves, it's good to have something to hold on to that will keep us from spiriling down.

For most, it's our passion that keeps us going. Whether it's through creating art or connecting with other people, these things become our reason to wake up and face another day. We find our purpose by going after the things that make us feel alive. Somehow, we see that flicker of certainty that convinces us that, indeed, we matter.

As we celebrate World Mental Health Day, we asked a handful of young individuals to share with us their journey through their inner struggles and how doing the things that they love give them a sense of purpose. In partnership with the Youth For Mental Health Coalition, we bring you another inspiring video from our #OwnYourStory campaign:

Truly, our passions can save us. And surviving the challenges that we face by sticking to our purpose day by day is something our generation can be proud of.

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