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Cheat Sheet: How To Train 'Smart' Like Pro Triathlon Coach Don Velasco

Cheat Sheet: How To Train 'Smart' Like Pro Triathlon Coach Don Velasco

Nowadays, getting into sports is a thing, and it's more varied at that. Triathlon, which involves swimming, cycling, and running, is especially making waves. The sport is no joke, requiring an insane amount of discipline, hard work, and dedication for one to get into. Still, it isn’t all there is to actually do well in this sport. In fact, as contradictory as it may sound, the pros do well by finding ways to maximize their output, while using as little effort as possible. This is done by adhering to two things—smart training and smart tech—says certified Ironman coach and consistent top finisher Coach Don Velasco. He emphasizes: When you get into smart training, you will notice that your body will have more power and better stamina, and this is because smart training lets you train in a better and more efficient manner. 

But first, how "smart" is smart training? Being strong and building endurance definitely is still important, but to go beyond that, you must develop a very specific form of consciousness. Monitor your body data, such as your heart rate. Identify your optimum pace, or the right amount of effort you should be exerting within the duration of the race. Coach Don himself applies this to the athletes he trains in his sports lab. 

To be able to keep track of your heart rate throughout the training period, Coach Don suggests using the right gadgets. Make sure your tech lets you analyze whether you are pushing yourself too hard or if you can still push yourself even further. The water and weather resistance would also count, he says, especially as the sport exposes you to different kinds of natural forces. He himself use the Samsung Gear Sport, which features a built-in heart rate monitor that can do it for those who want to get into smart training.

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