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The Six Fix: K-Pop Music Videos That Tugged At Our Heartstrings

The Six Fix:  K-Pop Music Videos That Tugged At Our Heartstrings



Besides the catchy and powerful lyrics that K-pop brings us, we're also presented with tear-jerking and meaningful music videos that totally make and break our hearts because of how inspiring they are! 

From a guy who wants to be alone because the people he loved already left him to girls wanting to break the virtual paradise our generation is living in today, these MVs are the reason why we couldn't stop listening to K-pop!

1. "In Heaven" by JYJ

The "In Heaven" MV definitely took fans to an emotional rollercoaster ride with its sweet but tragic love story between the female protagonist played by Song Ji-hyo and male protagonist played by JYJ member Junsu. The MV showed why we should live our life like it's the last since we don't know how long we can spend our day with our loved ones. Although Junsu was given a second chance to try and change things, the MV also reminded us that life doesn't always give us second chances—so just try and make things right the first time.

2. "Come Back Home" by 2NE1

2NE1 had always been one of the girl groups who know how to tug our hearts with their music videos, and "Come Back Home" is no exception. The MV perfectly presented what our generation is today, most of us prefer to live in the virtual paradise full of perfect yet fake scenarios rather than our own reality. It's because of this that we started to forget to live in the present. Besides showing us what life has become, the MV also displayed what our future could look like, a world full of unrealistic expectations, if we don't start living in the real world. 

3. "Wedding Dress" by Taeyang

A true tearjerker, Taeyang's "Wedding Dress" is one of those songs that would painfully pinch your heart just by listening to it but immediately shatter it into pieces when you watch the music video. We can say this is where the "friendzone" concept of K-dramas started as it shows Taeyang falling in love with his best friend's girlfriend. Instead of making a move, he just stood behind and supported the two, and he even sang in their wedding! It's something we could only hope no one would go through IRL.

4. "Crooked" by G-DRAGON

One of the King of K-pop's masterpiece, "Crooked" is written and produced by G-DRAGON himself. The music video completely told the story the song wanted to present as it's about a guy full of angst and despair because of his loneliness. Even though other people try to be there, he still pushes them away while demanding that he wants to be left alone and doesn't need any sympathy. In the end, he spends the night like a crooked-minded man. 

5. "Blooming Day" - EXO-CBX

The "Blooming Day" MV is aesthetically pleasing and has that Wes Anderson-esque kind of execution. EXO-CBX members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin make eye-contact with the camera all throughout while asking to be the viewer's boyfriend. From the heavy use of retro clothing and pastel backgrounds to the floral themed scenes, the story displays how the boys are making fun of the concept of a "perfect" boyfriend.

6. BTS - Spring Day

From their aggressive beats to their outstanding dance moves, BTS is known for being extra but in a good way! That's why when they released the "Spring Day" MV, most were shocked but amazed about how they easily delivered a beautiful ballad even though their forte is hip hop. The MV quite showed the boys traveling to meet each other under a blooming cherry blossom tree which represents their agony of not being able to spend their time with their friends and loved ones.

It's refreshing to watch these kinds of MVs which are entirely different from the colorful and cheery ones that we're already used to. We hope that through this list, you start taking the time to watch, appreciate, and understand the story of the MVs of your favorite idols rather than just bop along with it because you'll be surprised how uplifting they actually are!

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