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Cheat Sheet: Check Out These Free/Cheap But Challenging Workout Apps You Can Use Right At Home!

Cheat Sheet: Check Out These Free/Cheap But Challenging Workout Apps You Can Use Right At Home!

It’s that time of the year again when weather is unpredictable and chances of getting rained in get higher, keeping us from working out outdoors, or sometimes, even getting to the gym. Although fortunately for us, and for the home-bodies as well, technology has bestowed upon us an excuse to just stay home, but still keeping fit, within the comforts of our homes! Here are some of the best workout apps available today, that will save you time from being stuck in traffic and going to the gym.

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Nike+ Training Club

An easy favorite home-workout app, NTC offers a range of exercises from warm ups, strength training, cardio, and yoga, available in three difficulty levels. Athlete-patterned workouts by Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams are available as well! A nice feature that this app has is that it has both visual and auditory guides. NTC also lets you plan a program depending on your goals, fitness level, and the equipment you have - all free of charge. 


This app is perfect for those who get bored easily with workouts. Its audio-based workouts are trainer-led and music driven, making it seem as if you’re actually working out with a coach! Aaptiv has a seriously wide variety of programs, from strength training, to weight loss, to different sports such as boxing, rowing, and many others. The best part is that new workouts are added every week, so you will never run out of exercises to choose from.  

7-Minute Workout

Seven is the perfect “lazy guy” (or girl) workout. As so conveniently hinted by its name, workouts in this app only last for seven minutes. Although a sub-10 minute workout may seem short, these exercises focus on certain areas like your abs, or cardio, so it still keeps the effectiveness and quality of its workouts. Overall, this is a good workout app for those who are just starting their fitness journey. 


A great alternative for those who don’t have the luxury to exercise for long periods of time, Keelo offers short but high intensity workouts, which include exercises that can be done with and without equipment. Keelo workouts range from seven to 20 minutes only, but mind you, this isn’t for the faint hearted.  


What makes this app stand out is that it’s ideal for those who live in small spaces. Not only will you be able to workout anywhere you want with Freeletics’ 2x2 option, but you can also subscribe to a plan where you can get “The Coach,” which is equivalent to a personal trainer. Your coach will adjust your training plan depending on how you rate the difficulty of your previous exercises. This subscription could be upgraded even further where the app could provide you with a nutritional plan too! Freeletics workouts are mostly bodyweight exercises, focused on weight loss and toning. 

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