Cheat Sheet: These Mobile Travel Apps Are The Handiest Things You Can Have On Your Next Trip!

Cheat Sheet: These Mobile Travel Apps Are The Handiest Things You Can Have On Your Next Trip!

Whether it’s the first time you’re traveling abroad, or the Nth time you’re flying out, it’s always a plus to have quick access to information about where you’re headed. From weather forecasts to currency rates, the activities you can do, to the best dining spots in town. It’ll definitely save you a lot of time from having to ask around. So, to help you out, here are some apps that will surely make your life on the go, much easier!

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If you’re the forgetful type, or are just the type who’s overly organized, PackPoint is perfect to have in preparing for a trip. This app automatically generates a list of things you’d need to bring, depending on the destination, season, and activities you plan to take on. You’ll never have to forget anything again with this app. 


It’s not nice being stereotyped as a typical tourist, so best to be a step ahead and be more in-the-know with what’s good to see and do, aside from the usual tourist traps. LikeALocal provides information about different destinations, curated by locals instead of tour operators. Put simply, this app gives insider information, straight from those who are most familiar with these areas. Just type in the city you plan to visit and you’ll get a list of places to eat and drink, what to see and do, and where to shop. You could also book city walk tours that are lead by individual locals instead of huge tour companies. 


Joining tours is always a good option if you’d like to really know more about a place, however, tours can sometimes be pricey, even for just a simple walking tour. This is where Detour comes in, as it provides immersive audio walks that will only require headphones. It makes use of your phone’s GPS to track your location, then a narrator will give you in depth information of where you currently are, and what’s coming up - as if you’re with an actual tour guide! 

Google Translate

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Google Translate is perfect when you are traveling to a country that speaks a language other than yours. Like other translators, you can type in the foreign word or phrase and the app simply translates it for you. But what’s cool about this is that you can take a photo of foreign words/signages, and the app can translate it for you too - making it very useful when you’re lost or when you are dining at a local restaurant.

XE Currency

This app may not be the most hip, but is definitely one of the most useful ones you can have. XE Currency allows you to convert one currency into 9 others instantly, without having to switch pages, or figuring out the exchange rate and calculating it yourself one by one. 


One thing I dislike about putting together a trip is keeping track of all the emails related to it, such as flight bookings, exchanges with hotels, tour operators, and the like. TripCase is a god-send for this. It keeps track of all your flights and bookings from the moment your trip starts, and what’s even better is that if in case your flight gets cancelled, TripCase will provide you with the soonest alternative flights. It’s like having a virtual travel assistant, saving all the useful information you didn’t know you needed - from your hotel’s contact number to the directions. Another plus is that it gives you a list of activities around you if in case you find some free time.

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