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Angel Locsin Needs No ‘Darna’ Wings

Angel Locsin Needs No ‘Darna’ Wings

In a recent revelation, Angel Locsin has spoken on giving up ‘Darna’ role because of a disc bulge in her spine which she developed while training for the movie. While she admits that the very same role helped make her career, will it also be the very same role that break it?

Over the years, Angel Locsin has gained nods from international and local award-giving bodies for both her movie and television performances. But more than anything, she has gained respect for being a frontrunner in doing charitable works every now and then.

Here are three reasons why we think she absolutely needs no ‘Darna’ wings.


Because she is no superhero.

True, Angel is no superhero. Not in real life and not in the movies (at least, not anymore). But what we she is, is plain “super”. Remember all those times when she helped raised funds for the typhoon victims? Or that time she donated a vintage car to charity? We bet it’s something she’d rather do unannounced but kindness spreads like wildfire—especially news of it. And in our vocabulary, that’s just synonymous to being super. And no, that does not make her less of a hero.


Because she is loved.

By her boyfriend, by her family, and by the people who have been supporting her come good or bad. And being loved is just enough to send anyone to cloud nine. So yeah, last time we checked, no wings needed there. The best part of it? As a child of God, Angel is loved by the very master who created her.


 Because she has her own.

Darna’s wings may be passed from one actress to the other. But Angel? You can tell it by her name: she has her own. As painful as it was and probably still is for her giving up the movie project, what happened force her to look long and hard into herself and further develop her own wings; in the end, encouraging everyone who feels broken to do the same. 





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