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In Focus: 5 Of Our Favorite #OT9 Moments With EXO

In Focus: 5 Of Our Favorite #OT9 Moments With EXO



With the news of EXO's official comeback on November 2 that surfaced within the K-pop scene today, everyone got super excited after a year of only having members Kai, D.O, Chen, Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun, Xiumin, and Baekhyun! We would finally have our OT9 back with SM Entertainment confirming that Lay has worked on the album, too! He will be featured in the Chinese version of the album and has filmed the music video with them as well. It was also announced that their album is going to be entitled Don't Mess Up My Tempo, and by the title alone, we're already sure that this comeback is going to be  bomb. We definitely couldn't wait any longer!

But while November 2 is still a month away, here we listed down our five favorite OT9 moments that we hope would be revived once they come back!

1. The "Lotto" era 

The last era we had with our OT9 members before Lay started focusing on his acting and music career in China, the "Lotto" era was absolutely something we all kept in our memories as we saw them having the most fun with each other. Besides the bond that we missed, their "Lotto" MV is also actually one of their videos that has a sexy concept, which we think wouldn't be too far from the biker concept they have for Don't Mess Up My Tempo!

2. Chanyeol's solo rap about OT9 in the ElyXion tour

The rap that absolutely brought the house down, Chanyel's solo stage in the ElyXion tour had given everyone goosebumps with its melancholic lines. But our favorite part is when he mentioned that during the hard times, there are always eight arms that he can hold on tightly and it was the reason why he conquered the feeling of doubt and unease in his journey. Even though OT9 wasn't physically on stage, we could feel their strong bond through Chanyeol's solo performance. We're pretty sure he misses his Lay hyung!

3. Their speech in award shows and press conferences

With every award that Lay and EXO bagged, they never ever forget to mention and thank each other. During the Soribada K-music Awards 2017, Suho said that they feel sad that Lay couldn't join them and they miss him so much. During the Idol Producer Press Conference, the host revealed that Lay said backstage that he would want to get together with the other members soon. This proves that their group is more than just about working together, it's building a relationship with each other even though they're not always physically there.  

4. The way they support each other

One of the things that stood out the most during the era where Lay was not promoting with EXO is how they still help promote each other's endeavors. Instead of just focusing on their own, Lay and the rest of the EXO members still post about each other's activities which absolutely show how the members are each other's support system before anyone else.

5. EXO'rDIUM in Hong Kong

Even if we were not there, we totally felt what the EXO-Ls at the EXO'rDIUM concert in Hong Kong were feeling when Lay said that he impromptly wrote a song for the fans because he got inspired when he saw them holding their lighsticks up. The song starts with the line "Shining stars, you are my one and only. Shining stars, please remember our promise", and his members couldn't help but look at Lay proudly as he sang the song to their fans. That's absolutely one of their sweetest moments! 

While some might think that a year is not a big deal, it is for us EXO-Ls. Not seeing our OT9 members together definitely made our hearts ache. That's why even though the comeback is scheduled on November 2, we still hope that we would get a chance to see them together at the #MBCShowChampionMNL2018 this October 28 when EXO comes back to Manila! 

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