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In Focus: 5 K-Dramas That Got Us Falling For Lee Jong Suk

In Focus: 5 K-Dramas That Got Us Falling For Lee Jong Suk


by Kassandra Flores
Chalk Campus Correspondent

With his contagious smile and commendable acting skills, you probably have already heard of Lee Jong Suk, South Korean model turned actor who is best known for his role as Kang Chul in the 2016 drama, W: Two Worlds. But apart from this hit series, Jong Suk has starred in various dramas and challenged himself with various roles that got us falling head over heels for him!

Here, we listed 5 K-dramas which you might want to include in your to-watch list featuring this pouty-lipped star!

1. School 2013 (2012-2013)

Landing on his first lead role, a young Jong Suk plays the role of an ex delinquent turned class president. This teen drama portrays relatable high school struggles, from bullying to issues of self-doubt. But what we love about is how Jong Suk's character reminds us that guy in high school that everyone crushes on!


2. Doctor Stranger (2014)

If you are looking for some action, romance, and medical themes in one, then you might just want to watch this drama where Jong Suk played the role pf Park Hoon, a North Korean defector who works as a doctor in South Korea. We love how we saw a much more intense side of him!


3. Pinocchio (2014-2015)

Playing the role of Choi Dal Po, a young man who used to despise the media eventually became a reporter. Dal Po together with Choi In-Ha, played by sought-after actress Park Shin Hye, does his best to deliver honest work while uncovering a bigger conspiracy in the news industry involving his family. We justn can't help but melt over Dal Po's protective character here!


 4. I  Hear Your Voice  (2013)

Jong Suk plays the role of Park Soo Ha, a high school student who has the ability to read other people’s mind. He uses his ability to help Attorney Hye-Sung (Lee Bo Young) in solving her cases through unconventional methods. As they continue to make a good team, mystery and truth unfolds.


5. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

The story centers into three individuals who acquired the ability to foresee the future through their dreams. Jong Suk plays the role of a prosecutor who collaborates with a field reporter (Bae Suzy) and a police officer (Jung Hae In) to prevent their threatening dreams into becoming a reality. Seriously, is Jong Suk born for crime-solving dramas or what?

From the various roles he played to his charming personality, Jong Suk is indeed the ultimate K-heartthrob! And Filipino fans, be ready to be swept off your feet as this oppa  is coming to Manila for his 2018 FAN MEETING TOUR CRANK UP IN MANILA, happening on November 18, 2018 at the Araneta Coliseum! We're hoping to meet this cutie as much as you do!

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