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#ABSCBNBall2018 Diaries: Liza Soberano Lets Us In On What She'll Be Wearing At The ABS-CBN Ball

#ABSCBNBall2018 Diaries: Liza Soberano Lets Us In On What She'll Be Wearing At The ABS-CBN Ball



We're just a few days away from the ABS-CBN Ball, and one of the stars that would surely dazzle on the red carpet is Liza Soberano. Being the fashion-obsessed fans that we are, of course, we're curious to know what this Kapamilya darling will be wearing to the grandest event of the year.

During her fitting today with her stylist Perry Tabora, we got to ask Liza about prepping for her red carpet look. According to her, they didn't have an exact peg for her dress, but rather, they just combined ideas and went from there. When it comes to changing things up this year, Liza reveals that she made sure that she's wearing a color that she hasn't worn yet before, given that the ABS-CBN Ball doesn't have a specific theme this time around. She adds, "It's a lot different from all the gowns I've worn before. I'm more mature now, I'm getting older. So I want to go for a more mature look."

Moving on to her beauty look, Liza says that she already has a makeup peg in mind, but she remains elusive as to what her inspirations are. For her hair, she tells, "I'm really indecisive when it comes to my hair. I don't know what I'm going to do with my hair yet. It really depends on how I feel on the day of the ball itself. " Well, no matter how she turns up on the evening of the ball, we're pretty sure Liza will slay!


For all the LizQuen fans out there, here's a bonus treat! Liza shares to us that Enrique asks for her input about what he's going to wear to the ball. Although she may have a big influence on her date's outfit, Enrique still has the final say. "I want him to wear what he thinks best suits his personality. I'd like whatever he likes," she says sweetly.

Are you excited to see Liza and Enrique on the ABS-CBN Ball red carpet? Make sure to follow us for more exclusive #ABSCBNBallShareTheLove stories! The ABS-CBN Ball is dedicated to the re-launch of the Bantay Bata 163 Children's Village.

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