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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: This Is How I Grew A Business Empire

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Martine Cajucom-Ho: This Is How I Grew A Business Empire

The underlying cohesive brand DNA of Sunnies is really a strong affinity towards a beautiful color story. That’s something that really speaks to me since forever. It’s having colors and shapes, aesthetics, and designs that inspire me so that’s really where I find the Sunnies aesthetic. Even more so than that, the deeper layer, Sunnies is very much a reflection of what is popular culture. That’s a big part of it. That’s a big reason why the brand resonates with so many people. 

The beauty about Sunnies is that there are so many people that contribute to building the brand. I am the creative director so I began the vision but there are so many pieces of everyone in Sunnies. Our team is amazing! We work with so many talented creatives and all of them give a little bit of themselves to the brand. I think that’s why it speaks to such a wide market as well.

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We use our ourselves as a compass to stay relevant. That’s not in any way supposed to be arrogant. A big part of what we do at Sunnies is to create things that we like. Because we like it, we think you might like it as well. In order for us to stay relevant, we surround ourselves with an awesome team that is current and cool and understands trend forecasting and we interpret that in our own, unique way. We don’t ever wanna be reactionary to trends. We want to do what feels right and what feels intuitively the right move to make!

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