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The Six Fix: These Fictional Femmes On Netflix Are All About Girl Power

The Six Fix: These Fictional Femmes On Netflix Are All About Girl Power



When we were younger, female literary charcters were often in the form of princesses waiting for true love's kiss. Thankfully, we are now introduced to more and more fictional femmes who have admirably fierce personalities. We appreciate the characters that have proven that it's time to end the damsel in distress category. Here, we list the female characters on Netflix who are real girl power inspos!

1. Violet Baudelaire of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Violet has the wits and skills to be the greatest inventor of her time as she saved herself and her siblings countless times. She risks her own safety and well-being often to honor the promise she made with her parents which is keeping her siblings away from harm. She's definitely one of the female characters we look up to as she knows how to use her strengths and improve her weaknesses. She also has loyalty towards the people around which makes her a great role model for us! 

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2. Cheryl Blossom of Riverdale

Riverdale has already showed numerous times how much they support equality when it comes to their characters, and this includes their independent redhead Cheryl Blossom. She's the girl who embodies being an alpha female. She's not afraid of a challenge, and she's willing to do anything to prove that she's not the kind of girl you should mess with. Some might have seen her as a conniving woman, but the truth is that she's just someone who gives you what you deserve. It only goes to show that indeed girls can rule, too. 

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3. Lara Jean of To All The Boys I've Loved Before

One of the most relatable characters in film today, Lara Jean Covey is loved by everyone because of her versatile personality that made the film more entertaining than it already is. She might be a shy person at first, but she knows when and how to use her voice if needed. We thought she would ran away completely when almost all of her crushes found out about her letters, but she handled it like a pro. She's not afraid to speak her thoughts when she feels like she's being misunderstood, and we hope we can all be like that, too. 

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4. Veronica of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Veronica might be portrayed as the "mean girl" in Sierra Burgess' life, but when the movie progressed and we got to know her more, we saw how sweet and loyal she really is. She's a popular cheerleader who craves validation from other people because she doesn't get it from her own family. She acts mean because she's just really mad at the world. And when she got closer to Sierra, she became more honest with herself and actually proved that she's a good friend. We look up to her because in all honesty, Veronica is the nicest character in the film as she always chooses to do what would make Sierra happy, something that we could say we should all have—humility. 

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5. Eleven of Stranger Things

As a young girl, Eleven is timid and doesn't like socializing because of her limited vocubulary. She also has psychokinetic and telepathic abilities which makes her so different from the other kids in her age. But then, she's absolutely protective and loyal towards the people she cares for. She's tough, creative, and totally more than any pre-teen girl could ever be. That's why we were not surprised with the amount of fans that this character has received. Eleven is one of the reasons why we can't help but push girl power more!   

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From Cheryl Blossom to Eleven, we can see how these girls have contrasting personalities. But what makes them so encouraging is how they have the capability of standing on their own and fighting for what they believe is right. Here's to seeing more women empowerment on media because, well, we deserve it.

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