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Beauty Inspo: Too Busy For Skincare? Here Are Three Tips Woman In Action Gretchen Ho Swears By!

Beauty Inspo: Too Busy For Skincare? Here Are Three Tips Woman In Action Gretchen Ho Swears By!

If you're reading this, you’re probably one of those gals that are like Gretchen Ho who calls herself a “woman in action.” She shared at the Céleteque DermoCosmetics line launch, “I feel like the phrase embodies who I am as a person not just because I go from one place to another but also because I wanna be somebody who visualizes something and actually makes it happen.” Have you been too active at work, in sports, and travel that you no longer have time to follow a high maintenance skin care routine? Below are three beauty tips from the celebrity athlete, who shows beyond doubt that taking care of your skin doesn’t always have to be complicated!

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Choose the right products. For Gretchen, it's obviously “Prevention is better than cure. If you use the right products, it’s gonna be faster and way easier. It’s gonna take off a lot of load and worries from your head.” She usually goes for lightweight options, which not only give her the fine makeup that she wants but also take care of her skin at the same time.

Don’t leave makeup on your face for a long period of time. “That could cause acne if you let it stay for a super duper long time. Baka mapagod yung skin mo,” the brand’s newest ambassador continued. “Nakakatulong yun kasi it keeps me fresh so I can put on makeup again for the second part of my day if needed.”

Get a good sleep. “Wherever I am, I try to sleep as much as I can and that has made a big difference in my skin. Ang ginagawa ko, I sleep in the van for hours so when I wake up, I can exercise din,” shared the television host who wakes up at 3 AM every day for Umagang Kay Ganda (UKG). “Usually at 10 PM, antok na ako. Being a young, active millennial, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of things if I’m gonna sleep at 8:30, so bina-balance ko yung social aspect of life.”

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