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Revealing the Hotter Abrenica Brother’s Secrets to Chiseled Abs

Revealing the Hotter Abrenica Brother’s Secrets to Chiseled Abs

Vin Abrenica is most popularly known for his appearance in ABS-CBN’s “Ipaglaban Mo” and winning TV5’s Artista Academy in 2012. But more than acting, he is a fitness afficionado. Underneath this tall, dark and gorgeous pretty boy, is an Alpha capable of reaching beast mode.

His sculpted six-packed abs didn’t come to life by magic, rather by discipline. Aside from core workouts, Vin disciplined himself by eating the right kinds of food and saying no to junk.

Any good diet plan should start by taking off the JUNK. This includes but isn't limited to sodas, junkfood, processed food [instant noodles, canned goods etc.]. It maybe hard to let these all go, but at least try letting go of one until you get the hang of it.

Then let go of the hotdogs after a month's time. Then maybe the beers. Start small. Start now.

Vin says that his abs was a work of eating steamed/boiled chicken dipped in vinegar for taste. He has gotten used to this type of meal that it made him a bit sick of it. But checking out his body, getting sick with chicken is a small price to pay for those sculpted muscles.

Fun Fact: Muscles produce more heat than fat. So the more muscular you are the more you burn calories. The more you are closer to getting a better physique.”

 When asked, what part of your body do you find most sexy? “[My] abs,” he said without any hesitation. Now why would he? Do you see those six packed abs?


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If you find that core sexy, Vin mentions that it hasn’t been always like that. There was a time that he had a big gut. He was fat, and he was heavy.

He recalls playing basketball with his friends and was chunky. But he never realized that until his buddies huddled up in a group and began talking about his “fatness” behind his back. “Bakit ganyan si Kuya [Vin], ang taba?”, said one of his friends.



My transformation  @factsofhealth @muscleprodigy @igfitclub @getmydreambody 

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Upon hearing that, it was a definite wake up call for him. He needed to make a change. He needed to be lean and mean. He went to the gym, worked out and got the body he achieved.

He even went on to be bigger than what we see now. But he said that he loves this leaner side of himself more. And I bet a lot of ladies [and maybe men?] agree to.

Ending the interview, we had one more question for him: Are you ripped all year? He nodded his head. Looks like this dude really knows how maintain his body and be top on his health.


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