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#ChalkGen18: Hannah Pangilinan On Empowering Teens Through Social Media

#ChalkGen18: Hannah Pangilinan On Empowering Teens Through Social Media



By Mariel Abanes

Hannah Pangilinan grew up no stranger to the limelight, coming from a celebrity family (in case you didn’t know, she’s the daughter of TV personalities Anthony and Maricel Laxa Pangilanan and sibling to heartthrob and MYX VJ Donny). But her gateway to popularity isn’t fueled by her last name—rather, it’s all hard work, passion, and her own distinct charm.

In her teen years, she’s quickly becoming one of the internet’s favorite YouTube It girls. With a cool-girl sense of style, effortless beauty, innate talent, and most importantly, a good heart, Hannah is the role model that every  adolescent girl wishes to be like.

We’ve seen her grow up through her social media pages. And from her very first upload, a video of her dancing with her siblings, she’s ventured to a lot of different content—makeup tutorials, song covers, travel and inspirational videos, and more—that profoundly influenced her viewers. “I got into vlogging because I needed a method of expression that lasted longer than a moment,” Hannah says on how she started recording herself on cam. Her contagious energy, charm and ingenuity all combined make her videos work, and later on, grew her an army of supporters whom she calls #oHannah. Presently, her community is more than 250,000 strong—and growing.

Through her posts, the 19-year-old hopes to impart two things close to her heart: self-love and confidence. “Even if I only have those two every now and then, I hope that I may inspire others to love themselves without any hesitation,” Hannah shares, a mindset she got from her tight-knit family.

She also believes that the power of communication is emphasized through vlogging, making the medium an effective tool to reach out to more people. No doubt, it’s the most enjoyable part of the job. “Vlogging has allowed me to be in multiple places at once. At this second, I could be answering this interview, updating my cousin on the other side of the world about an event I attended, while giving advice to a new viewer who is my age and who is going through a tough situation that I went through,” she says.

Though she loves social media and all the benefits that come with it, the middle Pangilinan child knows the importance of focusing on the real thing. “Teens shouldn’t lose sight of their dreams just because social media makes it seem as if there is no space left for them when it comes to being successful,” the vlogger muses.

Instead of feeling intimidated or discouraged on what you see online, Hannah advises to look at your personal journey—your growth as a person and molding yourself to become who you truly are. “Know what excites you and what aspects of life you contribute to the most and don’t let it go,” she adds. For her, she has no complaints in this ride throughout teenhood—as a vlogger, a daughter, and a sibling, and now as she’s launching her music career—as Hannah knows she’s growing inside and out more than ever.

It’s obvious that the future is bright for one of YouTube’s budding sensations. And while she’s turning the knob to success with her blossoming career, Hannah isn’t closing the doors to more opportunities in the future. She’s passionate in her faith and nurturing her God-given talents, thus dismissing boxing herself as a package. “I am just going to continue doing whatever it is in my power to communicate to those who are willing to listen,” she says. We can’t see how she’s unstoppable now.

Watch Hannah star in our 18th anniversary campaign #ChalkGen18 as part of this year's Chalk Bright Young Manila:


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Photographed by Stephen Capuchino
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan

Styled by Madel Asuncion
Makeup by Andi Sapina of Makeup Design Academy
Hair by Sam Corbillon of Triple Luck Brow and Nail Salon
Clothes by Forever 21




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