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Love Actually: How To Work With Your Ex Sans The Friction By Sam YG

Love Actually: How To Work With Your Ex Sans The Friction By Sam YG

Bumping into an ex at a party is already awkward enough, but what more if you have to work with them? Getting past it is not that simple and even Sam YG, who has been in this situation so many times, agrees. “There was this time when I was still moving on from an ex of mine. I was hosting a wedding and she came in with a date,” he shares. “I was crumbling inside but smiling on the outside.” It may be a frantic moment to be in, but there’s always something you can do about it. Below, the Hot Ones host gives his best advice on dealing with your ex at work, no matter how you ended things with them!

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Sam YG, the host of Hot Ones -- a program where you can watch your fave celebs answer hot questions while eating hot wings. Catch it this week on iflix!

Start from the roots and try to fix the problem. The radio jock says, “Even if you had a bad breakup, try to fix things para the next time you see each other in public, or you have to work together, hindi awkward. You guys can laugh about things from before, if possible. If not, at least be civil.”

Don’t mix personal issues with work. “It’s a matter of being professional on both ends and focusing on work. Put on a good show because remember, you’re being paid to do the job. Leave your personal interests and stuff out of the window,” he continues. 

You always have a choice. “If you don’t want to work together, you can say no naman, eh,” Sam  stresses. “If you're uncomfortable with the idea and you know it’s going to affect your performance—whether it’s an office job, an entertainment type of thing, or whatever you’re working on—just choose not to do it and stick to your choice.”

Respect each other. “Even if you are no longer together or the romantic feelings are gone, respect should always be there,” says Sam. “Maybe he or she has done you wrong, you guys didn’t end up the best way or the way you wanted it to end but at the end of the day, things happen for a reason and you have to respect that, respect each other, and that’s the only way to not just work with your ex but also carry on with your life properly.”

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