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In Focus: Why A K-Pop Idol's Dating Life Should Be None Of Our Business

In Focus: Why A K-Pop Idol's Dating Life Should Be None Of Our Business


By Mikka Caronan

Dating is a big deal in the K-pop industry. If you’ve been a fan for a while now, you know that the “dating ban” is a real thing—where some companies ban the idols from dating for 3-5 years (or more.) Others don’t even allow their artists to talk to or eat with someone of the opposite sex.

Since this year is full of unexpected “dating scandals” specifically that of HyunA and E’Dawn's, idols who were confirmed to be dating and both managed by Cube Entertainment, we thought it's appropriate to address this issue. Today, news broke that they are officially removed from their agency, because according to the management, it will be difficult to rebuild the broken loyalty and trust.

This further exemplifies the culture within the K-pop scene that prevents idols from building romantic relationships because their agency and fans basically don't want them to. But as much as we fawn over our idols, we believe that we should not meddle in their personal relationships and let them be with the people they love.

Here's why:

1. They are humans, too.

Being an idol is just their profession. Making music is their passion, and they chose this path because of their love of music and performing. They already devoted their life to they're career. And they deserve to meet people and fall in love just like any of us.

2. We support them as artists.

It’s not that you are a fake fan if you feel hurt, but if you get angry and leave the fandom because your idols are dating then something is wrong with your priorities as a fan. We stan artists. We may love them with all our hearts, but we don’t own them. You stan their music and not because you want them to be your real life boyfriend… right?

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3. They don't owe us every detail of their private lives.

They don't have to tell us who they're dating, but for whatever reason, they announce it while risking their career just to be transparent with us. They are hoping we’ll stay whatever happens. But you’ll leave just because you feel betrayed? We are a family. They are just being honest and don’t want to lie to us, proving that we are important to them. In return, we owe them our respect for their decisions and privacy.


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4. It's okay to have certain feelings, but don't take it too far.

Of course all of us could feel hurt and it will never be the same anymore whenever they give or show us “fan service” during concerts, fan meetings, or SNS posts. Trust me, I also can’t imagine my bias having a girlfriend. But hey, it’s not like they’re going to be single for the rest of their lives. When do you want them to have a girlfriend, get married, or have kids? When they are 40? Think about it.

5. No idol's career should end just because of their dating life.

They have sacrificed everything just to debut. They train without the assurance of making it and spend their youth inside the practice studio away from their families. Let’s remember these before you say you want them to be kicked out of the group just because you don't want them to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

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We have to support them if being in a romantic relationship makes them happy. Our idols would appreciate and thank us for that. Besides, they’ve already done a lot for us. They deserve to make time for themselves. Just like us, normal people, no one should feel sorry for falling in love.

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