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In Focus: Questions That We Want Answered In "Insatiable" Season Two

In Focus: Questions That We Want Answered In



From the on-point representation of our society's beauty standards to the moments we relate to the main female character when it comes to her insecurities, Insatiable is the kind of show you would hate and love at the same time. 

Starring Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts, and Alyssa Milano, Insatiable is about a girl named Patty Bladell who was bullied, ignored, and underestimated by those around her because of her physical appearance. But when she lost weight, she felt that she needed to have a sweet revenge to the people who made her feel bad about her body. She became a beauty pageant contestant while doing a lot of unforgivable things throughout her journey.

With the amount of support the show has gotten here in the Philippines, Debby Ryan has announced that the dark comedy series Insatiable has been renewed for a second season in a special message for her Filipino fans! 

The last episode was a real cliffhanger, and we want more! Here, we list down the questions that are keeping us awake on some nights and are in dire need of answers. 

1. How would Bob save Patty from her crime? 

We get that since the first few episodes of the series, Patty has "accidentally" become a murderer. Although she has her own reasons as to why she killed these people, what she did was uncalled for and we think it's time for her to learn from her mistakes. In the last episode, Bob helped Patty push Christian's car into the lake to hide the evidence that she killed him, but it failed to sink. She then confesses to Bob that she also killed Stella Rose. Would Bob still condone Patty or would he teach her a lesson? 

2. Would Patty still be able to participate in Miss Magic Jesus?

Patty was kidnapped by Stella Rose and Roxy because of their plan to take down Bob Armstrong, but it failed when Bob decided that he doesn't want anything to do with pageants anymore which made Stella Rose mad and try to kill Patty. But things have turned around as Patty managed to escape and killed Stella Rose instead. The same thing happened between Christian and Patty as she finds out he kidnapped Magnolia in an effort to win her back which in return had made her mad and beat him to death with a crowbar. With everything that has happened, even though she did get a chance to register for the regionals, would she still be able to compete for Miss Magic Jesus? We hope so! 

3. Would Patty and Brick be together again?

Throughout the series, even though Patty had fell head over heels in love with Christian, we liked Brick more than him because he's more of a good influence to Patty than Christian would ever be. He always chose to do the right thing even though it meant he wouldn't get what he wants which is something that makes him different from Patty who had always been an insatiable girl. We hope in season two, (with Christian being out of the story because, well, he's dead) Brick would start pursuing Patty again knowing that he still likes her or Patty would see the good guy that she let go of! 

4. Who would Bob Armstrong choose between Bob Barnard and Coralee?

Besides the exciting love triangle between Christian, Patty, and Brick, we also have another triangle that we're looking forward to in season two. Bob Armstrong just recently discovered that he's bisexual and is in love with two people, his nemesis Bob Barnard and Coralee. And when he thought everything's already settled with the three of them agreeing to have a thruple wherein they would all be in a relationship together, he then found that that Bob Barnard wasn't really happy with the idea which in return had made him choose again between the two. But the series ended with Bob Armstrong running away from the decision he has to make. Now, we're excited to find out who he would choose in the next season. We secretly wish that he chooses Bob Barnard because we're so on board with this couple. Sorry, Coralee!

5. Would we see a character development in Patty Bladell?

Something that we really want to see in season two is Patty's character development. With all the mistakes she had done in the first season, we hope that she becomes more responsible with her actions since she didn't only hurt herself but also the people around her especially her mother Angie and best friend Nonnie who had always been there for her. Patty has the kind of personality you would pity but hate at the same time because she tries to help other people but always ends up being selfish and spiteful. 

With all these questions in our head since the series ended, we're anticipating season two to be funnier and crazier than season one. We just hope that this season wouldn't let Nonnie and Brick be taken for granded again because they deserve better! If you haven't watch the first season of Insatiable, then you're missing a lot! Stream it now on Netflix.  

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