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Chalk Exclusive: "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser" Actress Shannon Purser On Finding Self-Worth

Chalk Exclusive:



With the amount of feel-good Netflix films being released this year, we expected Sierra Burgess Is A Loser to give us the same feels as the other ones since it also has the main ingredients of every successful rom-com.

But after watching the film, questions ran in our mind about Sierra Burgess' character. That's why when we got the chance to talk to the amazing actress  Shannon Purser who portrayed the character, we didn't let it pass points regarding the film.

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For starters, the “bullied” character such as Sierra has become a popular theme in film and TV. And seeing this kind of character on media has created a huge impact in our society. But what makes Sierra different from the other empowering characters? Shannon says, "Sierra is different in that the real bully in the story is herself. Even though she’s mistreated by the bullies at school, it’s Sierra’s own insecurities that cause the real damage in the story." With her answer, we realized why Sierra is dubbed as a relatable character because she's already surrounded by good people, but she still chooses to listen to the voices inside her head that keep on letting her down. 

In our age, experiencing heartbreak has become a common inspiration for us to switch on our creative button and make something out of it. That's why it's no surprise that in the film, Sierra‘s talent in music was sparked after experiencing heartbreak. In real life though, Shannon's heartbreaks also inspired her art. When asked about her inspiration for her passion in acting, she says, "I definitely think a big reason I wanted to act was because I felt so isolated and uncomfortable in my own skin."

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If there's anything that Shannon admires about her character, it's her desire to be better. "I like that Sierra was willing to take a good hard look at herself and her mistakes and try to grow from them, she says, "The film wanted to inspire the viewers to feel comfortable in their own skin, and this is something that Shannon wants all of us to realize. She added, "I hope that any plus size person will watch the movie and realize that their stories are worth sharing and that their relationship with themselves is of the most important one they’ll ever have."

One of the things that Shannon puts importance is practicing self-love which for her means, "recognizing that you deserve the same kindness that you would show to someone you love." It's funny when we dislike it when other people put us down, but we keep on doing it to ourselves, too. Being inspired by an actress like Shannon who values self-love more than anything is a good motivation for us to stop focusing on our insecurities.

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And with all the things that she had experienced in the struggle of loving herself, she wants her young audience to know that, "School is such a hard time. The hormones are raging, your bodies are unpredictable and everyone is forced to find some kind of clique to fit into. I think if gets easier to embrace yourself as you get older, but I would encourage every student to reach out and tell others how they feel. Sometimes it just takes a loved one to remind you of your worth." 

For the students out there who are in the same place as Shannon's character Sierra Burgess in high school, something that she can advise you is to be "unapologetically yourself" and you'd be surprise as to what could happen next.  

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