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In Focus: The Curtis-Smith Sisters Talk Self-Care While Pursuing Their Passions

In Focus: The Curtis-Smith Sisters Talk Self-Care While Pursuing Their Passions



There's no denying that Filipinas are strong and beautiful women because they go through lengths of struggles to get to where they are right now. With their busy schedules, we're curious as to how two beautiful celebrities let their inner beauty shine. 

At the Pantene #StrongerNow Launch last September 11 at Whitespace Manila, we found out how the gorgeous siblings Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith take the time to practice love within themselves while going after their dreams and living a well-balanced life.

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When asked how they take the time to take care of themselves, Anne says, "I work everyday, but you know the time comes when you would think na parang deserve ko naman to take a break, so I really take time to leave or spend time with my husband. I just make sure na nakamindset ako like this is what will I do even if it's just a weekend off, eto na yung time na magbabasa ako ng favorite book ko or another form of my relaxation is watching K-Ddamas. It depends on the time I have." 

As for Jasmine, her break depends on her manager, but thankfully she has one who is very open to hearing her out when it comes to her schedule. Jasmine shares, "It helps a lot when you can be honest with them when you want to have a private life outside of your career life. That's one thing that I established with them. As much as possible I want to have both, but I'm not the type na isisingit ko yung personal life ko sa career ko. We find ways to manage schedules and to also allocate the time to have a normal life kasi I'm the type who needs that." 

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But aside from self-care methods, the sisters also make sure that they are at a place where they feel happy from within. Jasmine practices self-love by  focusing more on her strengths than her weaknesses. She confides, "I didn't love my body last year. I started questioning myself, lahat naman kinakain ko but nothing is still happening, I'm still not gaining weight. The added stress mentally was affecting my body physically. The only way to turn it better is by accepting and taking care of yourself in order to get the love that you want to have. It's an everyday process. I stopped caring what other peole say about my body and that's when people started seeing that I'm still confident with myself and I'm still happy. I think that's what people look for the most." 

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These two grew up in the limelight, from being showbiz sweethearts to becoming inspirations to other people as they currently climb to the top of their game. For those who want to succeed in life like Anne and Jasmine, but are having a hard time to commit to their decisions, Anne advises, "Don't lose faith because there would be times that you'll feel nothing is happening anymore. Should I do this dream? Should I look for another passion? But if you really feel this is something that you would fall in love in doing and you're very passioante about it, stick with it until the very end because that dream can come true, but you have to work hard for it." 

Jasmine, on the other hand, believes that if you think twice about something, maybe you shouldn't do it at all because once you know what you want to do, you'll go and get it. She added, "Always do research when you're starting to doubt something that you truly believe in. If there's something that you want to achieve, do your research para alam mo what the other people that have gone through it did to accomplish those things and to reach that level. So you can also see that you're not alone. In every aspect of life, sometimes we tend to feel alone and it helps knowing that other people are going through it as well." 

We can see that these two are full of love for themselves and the people around them, that's why it's no surprise that they're where they are right now. Loving ourselves and achieving our goals are not easy to do; it will take time that's for sure. But if Anne and Jasmine could do it, we could do it, too!

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