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The Six Fix: Netflix Male Characters That Are Totally #BoyfriendGoals

The Six Fix: Netflix Male Characters That Are Totally #BoyfriendGoals



From the all-around hottie Noah Flynn to the secretly hopeless romantic Peter Kavinsky, Netflix sure knows how to make us swoon as they give us these male characters that are absolutely boyfriend material! These fictional heartthrobs are currently making their way in everyone's hearts as they show us their genuinely sweet ways. These boys know how to make everyone kilig, and that's something we, girls, couldn't help but fall in love with.

Excuse us as we became a puddle of giddiness and list down the male characters that are totally #boyfriendgoals!

1. Peter Kavinsky

Of course, we wouldn't start this list without everyone's favorite boyfriend Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys I've Loved Before. For some of you who doesn't get why this character is getting all the attention lately, well, let us start by saying that he is the perfect representation of your high school crush. He's the person you couldn't take your eyes off during class, and you always daydream about going on a date with them. Peter is not your typical fictional character who's too good to be true. He still has realistic traits that every person would understand like when he couldn't easily get over Gen or when he said mean things about Josh out of jealousy. This type of moments just shows that he's not perfect, but his charming personality is already enough to make us dream of him every night!

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2. Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones of Riverdale is the cute smart guy that you would fall for his intelligence and humor more than his looks. He's mysterious but once you get a chance to know him, you would want to keep him forever! We think he's the type of guy every girl deserves because he takes care of his girlfriend Betty Cooper to the point where he's ready to sacrifice anything just to make sure she's safe. He also had his fair share of mistakes during their on-off relationship because Betty's family disliked him at first. Eventually, Jughead won their heart because he didn't stop proving to them that he loves Betty with all of his heart. If that's not #boyfriendgoals enough for you, we don't know what is. 

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3. Elliot

Alex Strangelove is about a high school student named Alex Truelove who is planning to lose his virginity to his long-time friend and girlfriend Claire. Or at least that's what he thinks he wants to happen until he met Elliot at a drama party who is a confident, gay high school graduate. Technically, there's no villain here as the three youngsters just fell into a love triangle they didn't know how to escape from. Alex is confused with his sexuality, and Elliott understands the reason behind Alex's denial state because he experienced being kicked out by his father's house for being gay. Still, Elliott didn't hold back from showing his feelings to Alex as they walk around New York Ciy together at night. Although they only became officially together in the end of the film, it's nice to see how Elliot is persistent and honest with his feelings and that's something most of us should learn from when it comes to relationships. 

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4. Brick Armstrong

Patty Bladell's first boyfriend Brick Armstrong is a nice guy who admittedly had some misunderstandings with his family and girlfriend throughout Insatiable. But he is also one of the characters that remained as the most patient guy until the end of it. Although Patty has an unappealing personality and has treated him badly, he still didn't let anything bad happen to her and always stood by her side every time she encounters a problem. Most of the time, even if it doesn't makes sense, he tries to understand Patty which is something some of us can relate to when we're in love with someone. Let's just say that Brick is probably the most normal character in the series as he didn't want any revenge or fight to happen between anyone—all he wants is to make Patty happy. Sadly, Patty took him for granted—but we surely won't!

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5. Mike Wheeler

The optimistic and loyal Mike Wheeler of Stranger Things definitely made us smile during the premiere of the series because of his adorable personality. Out of the four boys, Mike is the sensitive one as he doesn't hesistate to show what he's feeling with regards to the problems the group is getting into. He's morally compassionate and a creative thinker which is one of the reasons why Eleven fell in love with him after just a short amount of time. He took care of her by providing her meals and building a pillow fort for her while she can't find a place to stay in. When their love for each other grew, something happened to Eleven which made him devastated, proving that his feelings for her are real. During Eleven's disappearance, he never gave up as he continuously called her for 353 days. We're just so happy that they reunited again! Where can we find a Mike Wheeler who's willing to wait for us? 

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6. Noah Flynn

Noah Flynn of The Kissing Booth is the type of guy you know you would only see in movies because he's too good to be true! He's the man of our dreams not just because of his hot body and good looks but also of how he falls head over heels with Elle and tries everything in his power just to make sure she becomes the happiest girl ever. It was also showed in the film that Noah is an academically intelligent guy as he got into Harvard for college. Although we would admit that there had been times that we didn't like how possessive Noah turns to be when it comes to Elle, we just can't help but adore their relationship as we saw them grow and mature together. 


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We wish we could clone these boys so that everyone has one, but that's too far-fetched from reality. Well, we're not saying it's impossible to meet someone like them IRL because we know a few people who did end up with their very own Peter or Jughead. But it's not going to be easy, that's for sure! For the mean time, let us just enjoy the feeling they're giving us as we binge-watch these sources of kilig over again!

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