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Cheat Sheet: A Quick Guide To Stanning K-Pop Group iKON

Cheat Sheet: A Quick Guide To Stanning K-Pop Group iKON



By Mikka Caronan

iKON is one of the most popular K-pop groups right now. Not just because they are under YG Enteraintment, one of South Korea's “Big 3” agencies, but because of their exceptional talent. That’s why a lot of Filipino fans went crazy when it was announced that they will have a concert here in Manila. But who is iKon anyway? For those who don’t know yet, here’s a quick guide for you!

1. iKON is composed of 7 members.

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The group is formed by leader and rapper B.I, rapper Bobby, and vocalists Jay, Ju-ne, DK, Song, and Chan.

2. They were first introduced in the reality survival show Who Is Next? (WIN) last 2013. 

YG Entertainment came up with a show called Who Is Next? where two groups of trainees, Team A (now known as WINNER) and Team B (B.I, Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, DK, and Song) competed against each other to debut.

In one of the episodes, they also competed with JYP’s popular groups Day6 and GOT7.

Here’s their emotional last stage performance on WIN:


*SPOILER ALERT* With Team A now known as WINNER, it’s obvious that Team B lost. It was a brutal competition because both teams were utterly talented. Bigbang’s Seungri even begged YG to let both teams debut! But because of the overflowing support of the fans and YG artists, it really gave us hope to see them debut on stage soon.

3. They faced another reality survival show called MIX & MATCH.

Following their appearance on WIN, the boys were joined MIX & MATCH a year later. Fans thought that waiting for Team B to debut is the only way to see their newest favorite group, but YG said, “Nah, Imma make another survival show to make you suffer.”

MIX & MATCH is a survival show to form a 7-member boy group where B.I, Bobby, and Jay of WIN's Team B were confirmed  as official members. According to YG, the other 3 members still didn’t meet his standards yet. Ju-ne, Song, and DK had to compete with three new YG trainees: Jung Jin Hyeong, Yang Hong Seok, and Jung Chan Woo. The fate of the six contestants were in the hands of the public.

Although it was a tough competition, we saw how much they’ve improved and made us appreciate them more. In the end, the original three members plus Chan Woo (A.K.A. Chan) successfully earned their spot to complete the group. A year later, they finally debuted.

4. B.I and Bobby joined Show Me The Money 3.

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While MIX & MATCH was happening, B.I and Bobby joined a survival program for rappers. Although B.I was eliminated, Bobby broke the “idol” stereotype and won the competition making him the first and only “idol” to win the competition

BTW, Bobby's songs are the booooomb!

5. There's a story behind iKON’s name and logo.

Their group name came from the word “icon” but C was replaced with K, in hopes of spreading K-pop culture. The amazing thing here is that their logo was inspired by the Korean flag to form the word iKON! How cool is that?

6. They are proving that they're one of K-pop's brightest groups.

They’ve already through so much just to debut which is why they deserve all the recognition that they are getting right now. Aside from their songs always hitting the top spot, they received 9 awards in the “New Artist” category alone! Their 2018 comeback song “Love Scenario” was also all over the charts, making them the longest-running number one in K-pop history.

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7. Their sunbaenims love them!

From Taeyang to Dara, iKON's sunbaenims or K-pop seniors are well-aware of their promising talent which is why the boys always receive their support.

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They are even featured in some of their songs and music videos! 


Now that you’re ready to stan iKON, make sure to get your savings ready because they are having a concert here at MOA arena on November 11! See you there, iKonics!

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