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In Focus: What We’d Love to See Kim, Kathryn, Liza, and Nadine Wear For Halloween

In Focus: What We’d Love to See Kim, Kathryn, Liza, and Nadine Wear For Halloween

It’s already All Hallows' Eve in a couple of days, and that got us thinking about costumes—not for ourselves, but for the brightest and loveliest stars of today. We’ve seen Kim Chiu, Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, and Nadine Lustre try different characters on for size, with matching costumes and all that jazz, but we think it would be a wonderful treat to see them transform to these four Hollywood movie characters: Each one a far cry from the girls’ effervescent personalities in real life. After all, that’s the point of Halloween—to indulge in the fantasy of being someone you’re not and of being a outrageous as you want to be.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the Halloween costumes we’d love to see Kim, Kathryn, Liza, and Nadine try on:

Kim Chiu as Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians. Kim is a dog lover so it’s hard to imagine her being cruel to animals—and that’s exactly why we want to see her as Mademoiselle Cruella. To be an evil animal-hater is something Kim will never be, what with her gentle heart and caring nature, but she’ll surely look fab in the 101 Dalmatians’ antagonist’s opulent layers of high fashion clothes.


Kathryn Bernardo as Regina George from Mean Girls. She’s the antithesis of the mean queen bee, so won’t it be interesting to see Kathryn channel lead Mean Girl Regina George? For sure the Teen Queen will work that pink wardrobe with so much sophistication, like she does every outfit she dons. How she’ll terrorize everyone with her snide remarks and dagger looks is something to watch out for, when and if she decides to try out a kontrabida role someday.


Nadine Lustre as Carrie White from Carrie. High school outcast Carrie White had so much angst, using her telekinetic powers to massacre almost her entire batch at prom—a personality so farfetched from how bubbly Nadine Lustre is in real life. But Nadine has got such acting mettle that we know she’ll be able to portray this intense character so well. Plus, even if she gets drenched in fake blood, we have no doubt that her natural beauty will still shine through.


Liza Soberano as Disgust from Inside Out. Liza is one angelic, optimistic, and kindhearted soul, so it’s pretty hard to picture her as this issue-laden character from Inside Out. This is what we know for sure, though: Disgust’s chic outfit will look fantastic on her, all the way down to the dainty scarf. 


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