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In Focus: Why The Boys Of BIGBANG Are Still The Kings Of K-Pop

In Focus: Why The Boys Of BIGBANG Are Still The Kings Of K-Pop



Rightfully dubbed as the "Kings of K-pop", the group BIGBANG is known for their experimentalism and dominating style of music. With members G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri—the group had become legends for being one of the most dedicated groups for more than a decade. 

Every time we look at BIGBANG, we feel the amount of stage presence the boys have whenever they perform which is something that the other K-pop groups haven't reach yet. BIGBANG became legends without the help of social media, so there's no doubt that what they achieved is something that you couldn't compare to other groups. If you are still not convinced, scroll through our reasons why these boys will always be K-pop royalty! 

1. They're one of the first K-pop groups who wrote their own songs.

Before writing your own songs became a norm in the K-pop industry, most of the first few groups didn't actually write their own songs because their agency would prefer to have it done by songwriters. Sometimes, it's the agency who chooses the kind of genre they should focus on instead of the members, that's why there have been members who left their groups because they want to do their "own thing." But YG Entertainment handles their groups differently because, instead of dictating their albums, YG allows them to showcase their own sound. And, obviously, BIGBANG's creativity is something that's out of the ordinary. Their breakthrough songs "Lies", "Last Farewell", and "Day by Day" are prime examples of their talent.

2. They were the first Korean mainstream hip hop idols.

Everyone, even non-Kpop fans, knows that this group paved the way for new K-pop groups to be recognized internationally. They already made a mark around the world, receiving multiple awards locally and internationally like the International Song of Summer at the MTV IGGY for their song "Bang Bang Bang" and World's Best Group at the World Music Awards. Plus, BIGBANG is one of the biggest ticket sellers in the history alongside music icons like The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Celine Dion as they bring over 10 million fans together from touring around the world. In all honesty, K-pop was already big in the West because of BIGBANG, and the groups today only continued what they started. 

3. Their performances always stood out from the rest. 

Unlike the other groups who follow a routine whenever they perform in music shows, BIGBANG does it their own way. You might think that it's boring since they don't actually have a choreography, but it's because of this that they were labeled as the K-pop group who have the best performances ever. They just know how to hype up the crowd, something only a true performer could do. Almost everyone who watched them had said that their standards were already high when it comes to live performances because of BIGBANG to the point that there had been moments wherein a music award show received a low rating because BIGBANG didn't attend! 

4. They can work both as a group and soloists.

BIGBANG is one of the first few groups wherein members had individual careers while still being active in their group. They proved to everyone that you don't have to leave or disband just to be able to have a stable solo career. From G-DRAGON's success in the fashion industry to Seungri's empire of businesses, their members are not only creative but also hardworking which makes their fans admire them more. Daebak, BIGBANG!

5. Their name alone screams legacy. 

From their outfits up to their hairstyles, everything that they did became the standard in the K-pop industry. It's not just in Korea, too; their influence had also reached beyond Asia. Their clothes were even copied and sold at Dongdaenum Market seemingly used as a souvenir for tourists by the Official Korea Tourism Organization. From 2010 to 2012, their concerts were promoted by the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism's Visit Korea Committee. A writer from The Washington Post even described them as the group that defines and redefines K-pop because they broke the stereoype that the industry is only made up of factory-produced songs, lip-synching, and pretty faces.

6. They're the idols of the idols.

As a group for more than 10 years (which basically means that they own the three generations of K-pop,) BIGBANG has always been viewed as artists rather than "idols" that even other huge idol groups like BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, and GOT7 look up to them and treat them as royalty. The media has also dubbed them the number one legendary idol group because of their inventive music, consistent album sales, and huge influence throughout the music industry. This is no surprise because their success story is known by everyone!

Becoming the icons that they are now was not easy. But it was worth it because they've inspired everyone with their persistence. Even though they're currently in military service, their impact is still here and it will keep  growing. Once they come back, you know that they will absolutely blow up the charts with their outstanding songs and performances that would be impossible not to love once again.  

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