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In Focus: Dissecting Coco Martin's Unique Brand Of Pinoy Charm

In Focus: Dissecting Coco Martin's Unique Brand Of Pinoy Charm

With a 42% share in ratings, Ang Probinsyano reigns supreme on primetime television—yes because of the compelling story; of course because it’s a remake of a Fernando Poe Jr. classic; but majorly also because it’s a Coco Martin starrer. The award-winning actor may be way low key compared to his contemporaries, but if anything, that just doubles up his charisma. He’s not maporma but his casual porma makes countless girls giddy with kilig—even if he’s just in T-shirt or jeans or in the police uniform when he’s in character as Ador. While this country, with its fascination for things Western, is obsessed with mestizo men, Coco Martin, in all is lalaking Pilipino glory, has the admiration of a large chunk of the female population.

We tried analyzing this Coco Martin magic, and while we will never be able to encapsulate his unique brand of appeal and star quality, here are three things we believe makes him the one-of-a-kind Pinoy charmer he is:

His signature style is clean, effortless, and relatable. Coco is not your sleek, dapper gentleman—neither is he the ultra casual guy next door, nor the adrenaline junkie jock. He’s a man whose outfits are classic but in step with the times, a man who’ll perfectly complement your efforts to be fasyon that only end up as laidback ensembles; he won’t be more good-looking than you but he looks good enough to make you look better once you’re together, what with his effervescent demeanor.

He’s not into trends. Yes, his signature style is befitting of the times but it’s also never too much—he doesn’t do trends hence he won’t look like everyone else. His unique charm stays intact and unaffected, showcased by how comfortable he is in his own skin… comfortable enough to not rely on clothes alone to make him look good, much less to define him. It’s his personality that carries whatever look he has on.

He’s got that gangsta thing going on but his cute dimples betray him. How can you not swoon over Coco when he smiles? He doesn’t even have to fix his hair—he just has to smile. Even if he tries wearing the same shirt over and over, you probably won’t even notice because you’re too focused on his childlike exuberance.

What is it about Coco’s style that you love?


Illustration by Jana Jimenez


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