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Kitchen Whiz: Coffee With Oil And Butter? Here's Why You'll Start Swearing By 'Bulletproof Coffee!'

Kitchen Whiz: Coffee With Oil And Butter? Here's Why You'll Start Swearing By 'Bulletproof Coffee!'

It goes without saying that coffee is an integral part in most people’s day to day. And it seems that this habit won’t be letting up any time soon, especially with how much a lot of us depend on the added boost it gives! But with the many ways it’s prepared—black, white, over ice, sweetened, there is a new and rather obscure way of preparing coffee that a lot of people have recently started to really get behind, bulletproof coffee. 

Bulletproof coffee is a mixture of three things: organic coffee, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) or coconut oil, and grass-fed butter. This may sound a pretty disgusting at first (it definitely did to me!), but once blended, you won’t really taste that much of a difference. In fact, your coffee will just turn into something similar to a latte. This drink is believed to have a lot of benefits to it, aside from just jolting you out of your grogginess!

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Sustained energy boost

Getting an added jolt is a natural response to coffee. But the difference here is, with MCT oil, the energy boost is prolonged, so you’d be up and about for a longer period of time! Saves you time and money from having to get another cup of coffee!

Added brainpower

Another benefit of MCT is that it can fire up brain power, helping you focus better. It is also said that it can improve one’s mood as it increases levels of testosterone. Fitness enthusiasts have also found this to be a good pre-workout drink, with its combination of added energy and focus.


Coffee in itself is known to speed up metabolism. But, because bulletproof coffee contains healthy fats, it can also improve one’s strength, promoting the development of lean muscle. So not only does it burn fat, but it also builds muscle at the same time! 

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How to make it?

Making a cup of bulletproof coffee is pretty easy, though it is recommended to use a french press to brew your coffee, so it retains its natural oils. Now, for a cup of homemade bulletproof coffee, all you’ll need are the following: 

8 oz of organic coffee

1-2 tbsp of MCT or coconut oil

1-2 tbsp of grass-fed butter

Simply blend all the ingredients together using a blender, so that the oils are emulsified. For starters, you could try it with only a teaspoon each of MCT and butter, and gradually add to that as you get used to its flavour. You could also add a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder to add more flavor. 

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