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In Focus: There's This Seemingly Silly But Totally Fun And Effective New Workout Called Rebounding!

In Focus: There's This Seemingly Silly But Totally Fun And Effective New Workout Called Rebounding!

Exercise is definitely an important habit you must develop especially if you want to become fit, or at least to maintain a certain level of health. However, there are times when it gets difficult to stick to a program because you’d have to juggle it with work, and other social obligations. But, another reason, and a prevalent one we should say, is that exercise can sometimes get boring, too. This especially for those that have a distaste towards running for long periods of time.

Luckily, there is a relatively new workout out found to have the same benefits as running, but with lesser effort and impact on the heart and the body. “Rebounding,” as it’s called, is a form of exercise that involves jumping on a trampoline for a certain period of time, while simultaneously doing other exercises on it. It may sound questionable at first, but this kind of exercise has many surprising benefits to it!

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Improved health and detoxification

Rebounding’s numerous benefits, similar to any other kind of exercise, include weight loss, stress management, and the strengthening of the immune system. But, one of the main things it’s known for is that it activates the body’s lymphatic system, which is responsible for collecting all toxins in our body. So, since rebounding puts this particular function of the body to work, our bodies naturally get detoxified!

Fat burning and safer for the knees

The best part about rebounding is that it’s been said to be even more effective than running, minus the impact on the knees from running. One can burn around the same amount of calories by rebounding on the trampoline for half an hour, than by running for the same amount of time. The difference is, it is believed that rebounding is more efficient because it demands less work from the heart.

Muscle toning and balance

Needless to say, this will require a lot of involvement from your legs, and given the succession and combination of movements from repetitively jumping on a trampoline, this is cardio and leg day in itself! So not only do your legs get toned, but this can also lead to a reduction of the appearance of cellulite, a better circulation of oxygen in the body, and improved balance.

Rebounding for about 15 minutes a day is enough for starters. Some of the basic rebounding exercises you can try include the “Health Bounce,” which is simply bouncing on the trampoline without your feet leaving the surface, and the “Basic Bounce,” which is bouncing up and down the trampoline with your knees slightly bent to maintain balance. Another exercise worth trying is the “Strength Bounce,” which is similar to the Basic Bounce, but with your feet higher up the surface as you jump.

Aside from these basic exercises, you could also add more movements to it, such as high knees, jumping jacks, twisting jumps, butt kicks, and one leg jumps. 

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