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Hot Stuff: The Blackwater Dynamic Deo Is Your Campus Rainy Day Must-Have

Hot Stuff: The Blackwater Dynamic Deo Is Your Campus Rainy Day Must-Have


If you’re a student studying in the metro, being commute-ready is essential to survival! For many of us, we plan our outfits, pack our books and laptop, and plot the fastest route to get to school the day before.

This is all well and normal for a typical day, but with the rainy season in full swing, we also have to be typhoon-ready – especially if by chance we find ourselves stranded on campus or in the thick of a rainstorm, making our way to or from school!

During these off times, we can’t predict the weather, but we can be ready for it! Make sure that you’re not caught off guard and pack these rainy-day kit must-haves.


Aside from an umbrella, when commuting or just walking between classes under the rain, make sure that your valuables are protected by packing them in a waterproof bag or even plastic. This will further prevent rain from seeping in and destroying your laptop and books.


Bawal magkasakit! Protect yourself from flu and fever by packing an extra shirt or outfit in case your uniform/ clothes get wet. If you get soaked, immediately change into dry clothes.


After coming from the outdoors – especially from the rain and floods– it’s best to wash up so you can remove all the dirt and bacteria, which can lead you to getting sick.

Instead of alcohol (which can be drying to the skin), use Blackwater Deo Soap. It’s a moisturizing, anti-bacterial soap, which gives you that extra layer of protection, as well as that additional boost of confidence! It is also subtly scented so you feel cooler and fresher longer. With just one wash, enjoy skin that feels strong and smooth!


In addition to the soap, pack the Blackwater Deo Mist. #GetMISTified and enjoy longer-lasting freshness thanks to this body mist, which comes in several trendy, cool scents!

Together, the Blackwater Deo Soap and Deo Mist make the perfect #DynamicDeo, protecting you from germs and body odor.

Should you find yourself without them, no worries as these can be found in all major supermarkets and malls across the metro.   

Whether you’re taking on the erratic weather or your academics, feel strong, fresh, and protected with Blackwater’s #DynamicDeo. Be always prepared and well-groomed.

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