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The Six Fix: K-Drama Male Leads Who Broke The Bad Boy Trope

The Six Fix: K-Drama Male Leads Who Broke The Bad Boy Trope



There's no doubt that we K-drama lovers enjoy watching the progress of the leading man and woman's relationship as they play the bad boy-good girl duo. Every time they break each other's rules and the guy transforms into a better man because of the girl, we feel absolutey kilig! But there's just something incredibly sweet when we see that the lead guy treats the lead girl right from the beginning. And in all honesty, that's what we need IRL!

These days, we find ourselves falling for K-dramas that have male leads that breaks the bad boy trope in a refreshing way! Here's our list of lead characters who sweep us off our feet with their nice guy charm!

1. Do Kyung Seok of My ID Is A Gangnam Beauty (2018)

As the most popular guy in school because of his handsome face and elusive aura, Do Kyung Seok doesn't care about looks contrary to what most people assumed. He judges people based on their personality rather than their physical appearance which makes his character so lovable. That's why despite his ice-cold prince image, he falls in love with Kang Mi Rae who had plastic surgery because of her insecurities as she begins university life and always protects her from her bullies. 

2. Jung Joon Hyung of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016-17)

Despite his dog-cat relationship with Kim Bok Joo, Jung Joon Hyung is actually an earnest and decent guy. On the surface, he likes teasing Bok Joo, but the more he got to know her, the more he became vulnerable around her which made us saw the soft Joon Hyung who just wants to be appreciated. The way he takes care of Bok Joo reveals that his intentions are pure and genuine. We can say that Joon Hyung is probably the most thoughtful K-drama leading man ever! 

3. Jin Guk and Song Sam Dong of Dream High (2011)

This drama is one of the first to break the bad boy trope as it started with us not knowing who was the first and second lead guy between the two. Both Jin Guk and Sam Dong treated the lead girl Hye Mi right, and she in return liked both of them equally. Jin Guk and Sam Dong are both smart, sweet, sensitive, and a gentleman towards everyone. There's no dog-cat nor love-hate method used in their love triangle, that's why we totally get why Hye Mi had a hard time to decide who she really likes! 

4. Kang Chul of W: Two Worlds (2016)

The cool, suave, rich, and handsome comic book character turned into real life heartthrob, Kang Chul is someone you can totally describe as a perfect man. He's almost too good to be true! Even so, we still couldn't help but love him as he knows the way to every woman's heart especially Oh Yeon Joo's. He's not arrogant and bossy like the other leading men in K-dramas. He's actually quite the opposite of it with a combination of a strong man aura that he uses to get something that he wants. Still, we can see a tinge of innocence in him which is what makes himthe guy of our dreams!

5. Eun Hwan-Ki of Introverted Boss (2017)

He might be dubbed as the "Silent Monster" by the employees of Brain, his public relations firm. But Eun Hwan-Ki is actually extremely shy and sensitive due to severe anxiety issues which makes him look cold towards his staff. He avoids people as much as he can by wearing a hoodie or never leaving his penthouse. But when he met his extroverted employee Chae Ro-woon, his icy facade broke, revealing his warm and caring side.

6. Yoon Dong-ha of Witch's Romance (2014)

Yoon Dong-ha is the epitome of the classic nice guy as he's a total well-mannered and noble character. He might be young and in love with a girl who's 14 years older than him, but he's way more mature for his age as he had been in numerous situations wherein he proved that he's not only handsome but also understanding and respectful towards other people. He's like the knight in shining armor that we all deserved, and we're glad that he ended up with the leading lady! 

In our age, it's better for us to look up to characters that portray healthy and mature relationship rather than boys who just hurt you to show you that their attraction towards you is "real." Here's to the genuinely nice guys of our K-drama dreams!

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